BPW International

Making a Difference Through Leadership and Action.

Among the guests we were pleased to welcome the President of the BPW Cyprus Federation, Alexandra Galanou and the President of BPW Nicosia Club, Cyprus, Mary Papadopoulou. BPW Cyprus and BPW Nicosia are the God-mothers of the newly installed Club in Greece. Please see the photos.

The installation of the new elected Board was held in the wonderful Hall Andonis Tristis in the center of Athens where about 60 interested women took part.
Many guests, supporting in varioust ways the work for the creation of BPW Athens, joined from different parts of Europe: Assimina Walther - ECC Member BPW Europe and Past President BPW Lausanne, Georgia Bross - Board Member BPW Basel and her mother, Friederike Schmid - Past President BPW Berne, Katerina Vatsella, Member of BPW Germany.
The great surprise and joy was to welcome the former president of the Greek Club Phylitsa Pagouropoulou.  Several years ago this Club was closed down due to becoming aged and illhealth of Members. Phylitsa became the first honorary Member of BPW Athens. Certainly with her wisdom and her knowledge of the long history of BPW, she will be a good advisor to the new Board.
Working groups were installed and different important tasks were given to the members to insure a positive ongoing work in BPW Athens.

Gabriella Canonica
BPW International 1st Vice President.