Niki Protopapa: Woman of the week (103)

Who is Niki Protopapa ?

Niki Protopapa is the founder in 2009 of the Business Professional Women Association, BPW Athens, and as of 2010 she is the president of BPW Athens, and she is protecting the rights of women in the professional field by organizing various social and cultural workshops concerning women.

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Lyudmila Vyacheslavovna Woman of the Week (27)

Who is Lyudmila Vyacheslavovna


Member of BPW Club Chernigov, Ukraine

The winner of National Business Rating “The leader of the branch of industry” as the leader of the branch of industry and the second in Ukraine in the basic activity.


She is the Director of JNL,

The Mission of her company:

The mission of our enterprise lies in producing cereals from a vast list of grain crops with assured high quality at a reasonable price, ensuring delivery volume flexibility on each specific market and introduction of our goods into the international markets with different purchasing capacity. An administratively-producing complex, located in Chernigov, is equipped with the necessary communications, stocks and housing rooms. It is located close to the automobile roads, has an access to railway.

Member of BPW Chernigov city League of business and professional women and has a right to receive consultations about economical and juridical questions within the project BIZPRO (USAID) and the project of support of MSP in priority regions financed by the European Union.

She is a member of the Chernigov regional association of businessmen and employers, which gives juridical consultations, shows priority directions of business development in the area and also plays the role of informative-coordinating bridge between businessmen and local-authorities. She takes part in thematic round tables, speaks with legislative initiative, and receives consultations of the specialists of department of production, storage and processing of products of plant growing of the National Agricultural University and the National University of Food Technologies.

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Barbara Yong

Who is Barbara Yong ?

Barbara Yong has been a practicing attorney for nearly 30 years.  She is a partner at the Chicago law firm of Golan & Christie LLP where she practices in the areas of bankruptcy and commercial litigation.  

Barbara has belonged to BPW since 1989.  She has held every leadership position in her LO, BPW LaGrange-Chicago, including LO President several times. 

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Johanna Marius


Who is Johanna Marius?

Member of BPW Munich. Launch of the European Network of Female Ambassadors in Stockholm: BPW member nominated Ambassador of Female Entrepreneurs in Germany. A member of Business and Professional Women (BPW) Germany, Johanna Marius from Munich, was nominated Ambassador of Female Entrepreneurship in Germany.

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Nadine Zehe Roberts: Woman of the Week (101)

Who is Nadine Zehe Roberts?

Before her 17th birthday, Nadine had a clear vision of what her adult life as a woman would be: to be self-employed running her own successful business; to be in a position to be a change agent in her community – changing lives and providing opportunities for younger people. She also envisioned herself travelling all over the world with her husband, with adequate arrangements in place for their children. A dream common to most girls of that age!
Then she joined BPW in 2009. She became inspired by the women she met in the organization. The more she discovered BPW and its radiation, the surer she became that she had found the right place to develop her dream. She loves to participate in any BPW activity where her qualification could help and be further developed.

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Luisa Monini

Woman of the week Luisa Monini largeWho is Luisa Monini ?

Born in Pescara, Italy, member of BPW Italy, past President of BPW Club Villa Franca, and Godmother of new Club Vittoria Alata created this last autum. Doctor in Medicine, regular TV Presentations (to see under WWW.TELETUTTO.IT , under "ARCHIVIO" / "PANACEA" ) where she moderates since 20 years scientific medical programs.

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Eva Truuverk

Who is Eva Truuverk?

She is the coordinator of “Let’s do it/World Cleanup 2012” The civic movement Let's do it! World started from a country clean-up action “Let's do it! Estonia” in 2008 when a whole country of Estonia was cleaned up from 10 000 tons of illegal waste by more than 50,000 volunteers in just 5 hours! BPW-Estonia also participated.

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Jenny Stevens

Who is Jenny Stevens?

New elected President of the new Club Mission in British Columbia, belonging to the BPW Canada Federation. BPW Mission, British Columbia, Canada held its Charter ceremony (with BPW Canada President Sue Calhoun officiating) on Friday, October 16th, 2009.

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Trish Knight: Woman of the Week (97)

Who is Trish Knight ?

Trish Knight has been an organizational communication consultant specializing in leadership and team development for business and organizations since 1997.  She holds a Master’s of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Instructional Design with an emphasis in Training & Development from the University of Iowa College of Education.  Her undergraduate degree from Marycrest College in Commun-ication focused on Public Relations/Marketing and Organizational Communication.  Trish is a certified DISC Model of Behavior consultant.  She served as an adjunct faculty member of Siena Heights University from 2003 through 2010. Trish is the author of  “A Life of Integrity” and “It’s Your Choice.”  (2Moon Press).

As a member of Business & Professional Women/International since 2005, Trish served as an Individual Development Program Trainer during international Train-the-trainer programs held in New York City from 2005-08.  She currently serves as Vice-president of Enterprising and Professional Women –USA.  She belonged to BPW/USA and served in local, state, and national leadership roles from 1994-2009.

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Rita Levi Montalcini Woman of the Week (23)

 Who is Rita Levi Montalcini?

Born 22nd April 1909
Member of BPW Italy
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1986

Looking back to the year 2007:
On 5 March 2007, BPW International and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy held a Panel Presentation inside the United Nations Headquarters in New York, in parallel to Commission on Status of Women 51st Session. We had many distinguished speakers including the Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini, BPW Italy.With a strong voice, full of energy, Dr. Rita Levi Montalcini spoke about her live, her profession and her future.She made a statement, that in 2007 98 years old, she was determinate to arrive to her 100th birthday. And she did!
She celebrated this year her 100th birthday in a good health.BPW International is proud to have such an outstanding member

Rita Levi Montalcini during
BPW International Panel Discussion in New York at the UN during CSW 51, 2007

Italian neurologist and senator for life Rita Levi Montalcini, Nobel Prize winner for Medicine in 1986, delivers her address at a press conference for her one hundredth birthday in Rome, Saturday April 18, 2009. Montalcini celebrated her 100 years on April 22. The Italian scientist received the Nobel Prize for medicine with Stanley Cohen of the United States, in 1986, for discoveries of mechanisms that regulate the growth of cells and organs. (AP Photo/Riccardo De Luca)

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