Paula Hjelt-Putilin: Woman of the Week (96)

Who is Paula Hjelt-Putilin?

Paula Hjelt-Putilin as BPW

Paula joined BPW Helsinki Club 1991, recommended by Tuulikki Juusela and Anna Perälä. Paula has been the vice president and president of BPW Helsinki. She has been the member of many standing committees and taskforces of BPW Finland; e.g. the election committee. She was the vice president of BPW Finland 2001 and 2002, and the president of BPW Finland two periods, 2003- 2001 and 2005-2006. During her terms as the president she was the editor in chief of LIVYK, the periodical of BPW Finland.

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Patricia Maya Woman of the Week (21)

Who is Patricia Maya

Director, BPW International President’s Office

Member of  BPW Calama, Chile.

Born in Santiago, most of my life has been spent in Calama with my family.

Calama is a small city located in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile.

I am an accountant and came to work to the President’s Office to learn more about BPW International. In my profession I worked as an accountant and before that secretarial duties for various companies.

I believe there is no age limit for women to take on new challenges in life. Because of this I decided to expand my horizons and offer to be the director of the President’s Office.

BPW International has been very important for me and it has allowed me to meet wonderful BPW sisters, start new friendships and networking. My language skills of fluent English and Spanish are a great asset and I am proud to represent my BPW Federation of Chile and the Latin America region.

 If you need to contact President’s Office here is the email,

I will be happy to assist you.

Abiodun Obakin

Who is Abiodun Obakin ?

Abiodun  Obakin, BPW Abuja, is the MD/CEO of Biobak Kitchen and Ventures, Abuja, Nigeria. Her story is indeed a grass to grace one and she is a source of inspiration to the thousands of lives her business and her person have touched.

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Huma Qureshi

Who is Huma Qureshi ?

Dr Huma Qureshi, member of BPW Pakistan, represents BPW International at the United Nation Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, and at the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia in Beirut.

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Sabine Baerlocher Woman of the Week (20)

Who is Sabine Baerlocher?

 Initiator of first Swiss BPW English-speaking club in Lake Geneva Region.


Involved in BPW at local, regional, national and international levels since joining in 1998, Sabine participated actively in the implementation of Young BPW Switzerland and was President of the Business Professional Women’s Club of Geneva from 2002 to 2006.

During her presidency she came to realize that having a strictly French speaking Club in Geneva was insufficient. Thus was born the idea to create an English speaking BPW club in the Lake Geneva Region. Sabine began promoting this idea of an international Club to the boards and presidents of BPW Clubs Geneva and Lausanne. In April 2009 Sabine informed her national president, who was so taken with the idea that she brought it back to the board of BPW Switzerland and a plan has been launched to open English-speaking clubs in other cities in Switzerland.

The Lake Geneva English-speaking club will debut early 2010 and be headquartered between Lausanne and Geneva.

In addition to her instrumental role in BPW, Sabine continues to be a major player in other professional associations. She is the current president of the board of TIRA, The International Relocation Associates. A founding member of SARA, the Swiss Association for Relocation Agents, Sabine has been on its board for six years, the last two as President. She was recently elected to be a Council member of EuRA, The European Relocation Association. (see

In 2008 Sabine was appointed by the Swiss government as a member of the Forum SME, an extra-parliamentary expert commission representing the interests of small and medium enterprises.

A busy entrepreneur during the week, Sabine turns into an accomplished freelance DJ on the weekends. Specialized in making everyone dance, Sabine, aka DJ EVE, plays for clubs and private parties across Europe.

Sabine Baerlocher is the owner and CEO of Active Relocation, based in Geneva, Switzerland ( Sabine studied law at the Geneva University with a specialization in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. After graduating in 1993, she spent time working in the US for a Florida realtor company. On returning to Switzerland in 1994, she continued her professional career in the German part of Switzerland managing the real estate and expansion department of a branch company from the second largest Swiss retailer (Simeco Management, Coop Group). In 2000 she was invited to join its Board of Directors.

In July 2000, Sabine decided to change her career path and bought Active Relocation from her founder. Through the years, her interest in relocation and human resources has continued to grow. She is passionate about meeting new people from different nations, cultures, and backgrounds – and enjoys learning new things from them every day. She appreciates working within a multi-cultural team for highly diverse clients and customers and values the large range of services from which the relocation field draws.

A firm believer in vocational training, Sabine is one among only 14 relocation professionals globally to have achieved her CERP3 designation. Her Case Study theme “Swiss Culture” is based on her own experience. Surprised at how she suffered a deeper culture shock when working in the German part of Switzerland than when she was in the USA, she set about to analyse the reasons behind this. (see case study – in French only under:

Studying cultural differences and playing disco and 80’s music are only some of Sabine’s passions. She also loves the mountains and is a ski enthusiast in the winter and rock climber in the summer. Sabine is also an experienced sailor, growing up sailing on Lake Geneva and on the sea in Brittany, France. 

Livia Ricci

Women of the week Livia Ricci

Who is Livia Ricci?

In the year 1985 members of BPW were attending the Congress in Auckland, New Zealand. The atmosphere was “hot” because the members had just heard Dr. Silvia Salazar Salazar, the President of BPW Mexico, describe the project for the school for nurses which was going to be built in Baja California Sur, Mexico and everyone was enthusiastic about this big enterprise.

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Doris Hall

Who is Doris E. Hall, President, BPW Canada ?

Doris has been a Member of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women for over 20 years, holding board positions at all different levels of the organization, leasing up to National President. She is a member of BPW London Cub.

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Hélène Plano

Who is Hélène Plano ?

Having occupied during 47 years different jobs with high responsibility in  the Ministry of Defense of France, I always attempted to demonstrate that  women deserve to  reach the highest level of  responsibilities and even  to manage a department of several hundreds of  men.

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Woman of the Week (18)

Who is Nicolletta Schillaci?

Women of the Year BPW Italy 2009

She was born in Noto on 29th Novembre 1950, married, with 2 children. In secondary school, she studied “accademic letterature”. She lives in Catania. She is always busy volunteering, at first with Unitalsi and now with CRI. She has worked with the counseling AIED, FONCANESA ASSOCIATION, AVULSS, IDIVIS and “ Don Gelmini’s Cominità Incontro”. She was part of “consulta Comunale for immigration,integration and support”. She worked for the law 328. Since 1982 at 1998 she was “Consigliere of Comitato Femminile CRI of Catania, with her social support. Since 1998 at 2005 she is President of female section 0f CRI Catania. Since 2005 she is President of Comitato Provinciale CRI Catania.

Many activities carried out within the CRI, begun after the election as president; after the outbreak of war in Kosovo, within the mission “Arcobaleno”, she has coordinated for three years, the Catania- Fontanarossa’s refugee camp, who has sustained 6,000 refugees with the task of coordination of medical, logistics and leisure for the many children, she sent the voluntary at kuches and Bari also.

She has proposed and implemented, after in the period of welcome , integration projects to promote multiracial vision and exchange of culture in schools and among the various ethnic groups. these projects were collected in 2 publications and distributed in schools.

She participated actively and daily emergence of the earthquake in Santa Venerina, organizing the logistics and animation.

Her work has focused on the recovery:

  • Opening a center of aggregation for underprivileged children in a dangerous neighborhood, separating them from the dangers of the road.
  • Rehabilitation of the minors who are in prison, through the course of health culture, reintegration into employment, job opportunities
  • Support projects for needy families
  • Support projects for homeless
  • Projects to assist elderly with opening a center for the elderly and children Nesima

During five years Role of President of CRI coordinates activity OF 7 local Committees of CRI of Catania.
She organizes courses trainings for colf and peoples Rom and has organized courses “on road”, are in schools that are proposed by Flyer Fans.
Since 2006 to 2009 was intense support for children and families from Iraq
She supervised the collection of types of assistance to earthquake victims in Abruzzo, in collaboration with the Civil Defense and the headquarters of the CRI
She also organized a charity evening to support these activities
All the activities that have taken place have earned the praise and honor of the Authority

Since 1995 he is a founding member of FIDAPA Riviera dei Ciclopi.

For his many commitments she held only the office of treasurer, but many of the projects realized, scholarships IPM, clowns Therapy, developed with the help of FIDAPA Riviera dei Ciclopi.


Angela Ajala


Who is Angela Ajala ?

Angela Ajala is a seasoned educationist and the Executive Director, Ladela Schools in Nigeria.
She started her teaching career with Sarduana Memorial College Kaduna, then moved on to Sacred Heart School Kaduna, where she rose to become the Deputy Headmistress. She left after eight years and joined the Kaduna Polytechnic, where she lectured English for eleven years.

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