Lucia Votano

Lucia Votano

Who is Lucia Votano ?

Born in Calabria, Italy, since September 2009 Lucia Votano is currently Director of INFN Gran Sasso National Laboratory (LNGS), the largest underground facility for astroparticle physics in the world. She is member of the BPW Roma.

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Mavis Carlton

Who is Mavis Carlton ??

Born on the 19th of March, 1926, Mavis Carlton is a long standing member BPW Canada and one of the very first *Friends* of BPW International.  She became a Friend of BPW International as soon as that opportunity was available.

Mavis Carlton has been a member of BPW Bowmanville for almost 30 years.  In that time, she has held most club offices and also went on to become the District Director of District 4.  Mavis has attended many Provincial, National and International meetings.  Mavis became the Regional Coordinator of the North America and Non Spanish Speaking Caribbean Countries. 

I recently caught up with Mavis at the AGM in Toronto in June 2009 and was very inspired by this charming lady!  Just as the “Friend of the week #1” Dormer Ellis, she is full of energy and enthusiasm for the matters of BPW Canada and BPW International

Mavis is very active in her community.  Up until just recently, Mavis attended most Council Meetings in the Municipality of Clarington and has served on LACAC, the Committee of Adjustment and the Museum Board. 

In 1989, in conjunction with another resident, Mavis established the Port Darlington Community Association, a residence community group aiming to prevent destruction of one of the last remaining coastal wetlands on the northern shores of Lake Ontario, by a major cement manufacturing company. 

She also was part of the Waterfront Regeneration Trust Steering Committee, now referred to as the Lake Ontario Waterfront Partners.  This started as a result of a Royal Commission on the state of Lake Ontario and the preservation of the watershed.  It was unique in that the Federal and Provincial Governments worked together to ensure that the north shore of the lake remain clean and accessible.  To this end the Waterfront Trail was begun.

Valley's 2000 was another project dear to Mavis' heart and with the work of a committee, Bowmanville now has a lovely walk through the Bowmanville creek.

Mavis was also instrumental in establishing the now very busy and popular Older Adult Centre in Clarington.

And she agrees completely on what Dormer Ellis said in her interview for the Friend of the week #1 :  “Join this fantastic program; it is not only for fun, but the connections you make are for a lifetime!” And… another good point: Friends invest in the Future of BPW International which are our Young BPWs.

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Thank you so much! 

Written: Judy Hagerman, BPW Canada and Gabriella Canonica, 1st Vice President BPW International


Dormer Ellis

Who is Dr. Dormer Ellis?

Born on the 22nd November 1925, Dr. Dormer Ellis is a long standing member BPW Canada and one of the very first *Friends* of BPW International. She joined the program just as it has been installed, under the wings of late Dr. Ursula Schulthess, BPW Switzerland.

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Nesreen Barakat : Woman of the Week (83)

Who is Nesreen Barakat ?

Mrs. Nesreen Barakat has been involved profoundly in public service of Jordan during 2010-2011. Mrs. Barakat served as the Minister of Public Sector Development and prior to that, she was the Managing Director of the National Aid Fund, and a Council Member at the Greater Amman Municipality. During 1990-2002 she was the Director of the Competitiveness Unit at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

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Woman of the Week (10)

Agnès Diarrassouba Kèlètigui

Members of the founders of BPW ABIDJAN-RCI, Agnès Diarrassouba Kèlètigui has just been nominated President of the National league of secretaries of Cote D’Ivoire

Who is Madam Diarrassouba ?

President of the membership comission of the associated Club BPW Abidjan-RCI

Since 2007: Director (LUMENA PRESTATIONS) - Abidjan
-  Relationnel and social aspect of companies
- Companies’ gifts

2001-2007: Chief in charge of general ways – SMB – Abidjan
1990-2001 : Assistant in charge of external relations and purchases – SMB – Abidjan
1987-1990: Accountant secretary – financial direction - SMB – Abidjan
1978-1987: Accountant secretary – Accounting department SMB – Abidjan
1975-1978: Accountant –  Budgetary Control Department- SODERIZ – Abidjan
2001 - SYNTEPCI trade-union delegate of the central UGTCI

Inauguration Day of the President of the Ivorian League of the secretaries (ILS)

The Ivorian League of Secretaries is made of:

- 16.000 secretaries from the Public and private Administration,
- 51 commitees ILS of companies in Abidjan’s District,
- 50 regionals sections,
- 03 specialised structures: ACFOR, (Autonomous Centre of the Formation and Recycle), MUILS (Mutual insurance of the Ivorian League of secretaries), et la AFASAD (African Federation of Assistant secretaries et Assistant of Direction).
La AFASAD is made of 7 countries including Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina-Faso, Mali, le Togo, Conakry Guinea, Cameroon and Senegal).

President’s decoration by the Grand Chancellor of the National Order’ Representant

Woman of the Week (09)

Dr Young Hai Park, Korea

On June 9, 2009, the “Commandeur de l'Ordre des Palmes Academiques" medal
was awarded to Dr. Young Hai Park by the French Republic.
The ceremony was held at the Ambassador’s Residence in Seoul Korea.
This award created by Napoleon 1st 200 years ago was given to Young Hai Park
due to her longtime service and contribution to the promotion of
France-Korea Cultural Exchange and to the advancement of Women’s Rights
through NGO activities in Korea at regional and international levels.
Young Hai Park is from Korea and our BPW International Regional Coordinator
for Asia Pacific.

Yinka Ajibola: Woman of the Week (84)

Who is Yinka Ajibola ?

Yinka Ajibola graduated from University of Ile Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Nigeria, in 1976.
Her experience over the years in senior management positions in Lever Brothers Nigeria Limited (now Unilever), Rank Xerox Nig Ltd, Continental Pharmaceutical Limited, International Paints West Africa Ltd and Afriko West Africa Limited (a photographic and graphic trading outfit),  greatly equipped her for many future assignments she subsequently carried out.

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Karin Raguin

Who is Karin Raguin ?

In 1996, I wrote a thesis on “Gender Equality at Work” as I was graduating from a Business School in Paris, France : It was right after the UN Beijng Platform, a time of great energy and hopes for women rights … 15 years after, we didn’t reach equal pay, and the gap is still the same !

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Woman of the Week (08)

Women in Public & Community Service Sue Calhoun

A woman who through her involvement and participation has made her community a better place to live.

Sue Calhoun has been involved in public and community service all her adult life. She was a co-founder of the Kitchener-Waterloo Women’s Centre in the early 1970s. She was a member of the Atlantic Board of Directors of OXFAM-Canada (1979-89), Dialogue New Brunswick (1990-93), the NB Judicial Council (1996-99) and the National Advisory Committee on Rural Issues (2002-05). In 1992, Sue helped parents to take over Shediac’s only daycare centre, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, and to turn it into a parent’s co-operative.

She was the founding President for four years, and was named “Volunteer of the Year” by the Acadian Co-operative Movement as a result.

Sue’s passion is the education and empowerment of women. She was president of the Moncton Business & Professional Women’s (BPW) Club (2002-04), NB-BPW Provincial President (2004-06), 1st Vice-president nationally (2006-08), and is currently national president of the Canadian Federation of Business & Professional Women’s Clubs. In 2006, Sue helped to found the Club des femmes de carrière du Sud-est du Nouveau-Brunswick, the first francophone BPW club outside Québec.

Through her company, Calhoun Research and Development, Sue has worked with senior levels of government, communities and women in business as well as with people who need their belongings moved from an emergency shelter to an apartment. Sue believes that all people have value, and that we all have a responsibility to give back to our community as much as we can. Sue lives in Moncton with her daughter Raphaëlle.

Silvia Salazar Salazar : Women of the Week (81)

Who is Silvia Salazar Salazar ?

Professor Silvia Salazar has been instrumental in continuing the La Paz Nursing School in La Paz , Mexico; the BPW International flagship project. The Project 5-0 Mexico, School of Nursing was officially opened July 30,1990.


  • BPW Member since 1970
  • BPW Mexico National President 1984-1986
  • First Regional Coordinator of Latin America 1985-1987
  • International Coordinator of the 5-O Project “Nursing School “since 1985
  • Honorary member BPW International 2006
  • Received the Lena Madesin Phillips Fellowship award in 2006 for her exemplary service and dedication from president Chonchanok Viravan
  • Lives in La Paz, Mexico