Woman of the Week (01)

The President of the new BPW Club Kuwait together with her 2 Vice Presidents.

New Club in the Region of BPW Asia Pacific: BPW Kuwait
Opening 26th of April 2009

Maalika Kauli had to spend the Day of the Opening 26th of April 2009, in the Hospital in the City of Kuwait.
The opening took place without her, so the 2 Vice Presidents went to visit her after the Event and presented her the official Opening Document which was presented to them by BPW Internatinal President LIZ Benham and 1st Vice President Gabriella Canonica.

We wish Maalika Kauli a speedy recovery to be able to celebrate the official Opening togheter with her friends!

Read the press release here


Arzu Özyo

Who is Arzu Özyol?

Arzu Özyol is the founder of BPW Ankara club and founding President of the recently created Turkish federation - BPW Turkey – inaugurated by President Liz Benham on the 4th of May, 2011. Arzu recently organized and hosted several international events in Istanbul, Turkey, that attracted distinguished speakers, members of the international executive, federation presidents...

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Yvette Swan, Woman of the Week (74)

Who is Yvette Swan ?

Hon. Yvette Victoria Angela Swan J.P., M.Div.(Hons), B.Sc.,(Hons) Optometry, F.C. Optom
Additional Fellowships – Fellow of the British Optical Association, and Fellow of the Spectacle Makers Corporation

Born in Jamaica, Yvette, an Optometrist, came to Bermuda with her husband, Malcolm in 1970, and became assimilated into the Bermudian Community, working to improve the status of women and girls.

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Arlette Neyens

Who is Arlette Neyens ?

Arlette Neyens, BPW La Angostura, Argentina, is National Professor of Fine Arts.


Other studies:

Oratory (Dudley Nied EEUU) - In Argentina, Instructor level. Conflicts and Negotiations with Consulting of Oversea E Found International, in Argentina (Instructor level). NGO Leadership Courses such as AVINA (International).  Commitment.

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Carol Hanlon

Who is Carol Hanlon ?

Carol Hanlon, ‘Business Dreams Champion’ was named as one of the Western Australia's top 100 women for the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. The Inaugural WA Women’s Hall of Fame Ceremony was held on the 7th of March, 2011, and more than 1,000 Western Australian’s attended the event to find out the 100 top women in their respective fields.

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Marija Stevanovic, Woman of the Week (71)

Who is Marija Stevanovic?

My first contact with the BPW was in Brussels when I met Mrs. Klein Edita from Montenegro, who is a member there and that gave me the basic details, and sent me to the president of BPW in Serbia. So I quickly became a member of BPW Nis and member of the Executive Committee for making of projects. We are now working together on VI Forum of the Network of the Danube Countries in November 2011 in Serbia. In addition to mutual introduction and possible agreements on new projects, questions that I always come back are: the position of women in society, domestic violence, addiction sicknesses and so on.” Marija Stevanovic

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Graciela De Oto

Who is Graciela De Oto ?

Graciela De Oto, is a business woman and counselor who underwent a child’s death, has developed a philanthropic view in her life; a standpoint which helped her grows emotionally and professionally and which led her to fund Suma Veritas Foundation for resilient women.

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Tinuade Ihama, Women of the Week (69)

Who is Tinuade Ihama ?

Tinuade Ihama is the immediate past president of BPW Nigeria. She is a French/Spanish Translator/Interpreter by profession. But she has spent the last 30 years building up her personal business, which span: construction – specializing in renovations and refurbishment of buildings; rural electrification and military supplies, sale and servicing of marine and life saving equipments, as well as travels and tours.

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Sehnaz Yilmaz, Women of the Week (68)

Who is Sehnaz Yilmaz ?

Dear BPW members,
I would like to express my gratitude for being elected BPW International Woman of the Week. We can never excuse that the variations among our countries in the region can be misleading.  And though faith is often a significant part of our lives, it never be a force to hold us back of the creating greater public awareness in local and global scale.

My goal and vision is to create a bridge between women in the Arab countries , Mediterranean region and women in Europe and the Western world.  It is my hope that we can explore common grounds between our organizations in the best interests of everyone involved.

Sehnaz Yilmaz, BPW Izmir, Turkey

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Sujey Albert, Woman of the Week (67)

Who is Sujey Albert ?

Sujey Salas Albert is the current Finance Director of BPW International.  She was elected in 2008 at the BPW International Congress held in Mexico, and at 32 years of age, she holds the distinction of being the youngest Finance Director in the organization’s esteemed history.

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