Gabriele Jirkal

Who is Gabriele Jirkal?

Gabriele Jirkal, president of BPW Salzburg, Austria  was born on March 18, 1959 in Salzburg. After working many years as an accountant with different companies her fascination for other countries and cultures kept her living for a while in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

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Yara Blochtein, Woman of the Week (65)

Who is Yara Blochtein ?

"Tree is Life" has reached in just one year the 3 MILLION TREES WE PLANTED

In the state Rio Grande do Sul/RS*Brazil

Yara Blochtein joined BPW Brazil in 1991.

In 1992 in the Global Forum in the E co’92 / RIO, has been an involved conceived the environmental project

In 1993 XXI IFBPW in Nagoya received honor mentions of the BPW I projects “Plant a Seed and Pick a Diamond”. Created the “Native Reserve” in 16.7 hectares area in Cruz Alta University.

In 2005 she was elected Chairperson of Standing of Environment and Sustainable Development Committee BPW-I.

In 2008 Member of the Standing Committee on Environment Sustainable  Development  & Water Taskforce BPW I Region: Latin America,and Vice Coordinator Regional Latin America.

Coordinators of environment BPW Brazil and at BPW Porto Alegre were she developed the project.

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Tuulikki Juusela, Women of the Week (64)

Who is Tuulikki Juusela?

Tuulikki Juusela,  VIP Ambassador for the XXVII Congress in Helsinki  Finland, and the 14th International president of BPW International  (1985-1989) celebrates her 70th birthday December 19th!   We honor her as our woman of the week for all her service and dedication not only to BPW International but also to the many who have profited from her years of work and experience.

Tuulikki was elected president of BPW International at the 17th International Congress in Auckland New Zealand and reelected again at the 18th International Congress 1987 in The Hague. She is one of only two presidents who have served 2 terms. Tuulikki  has always been passionate about the young BPW in our organization and in her ongoing commitment to BPW International and in celebration of the 2nd time only that the International Congress will be in held in the same city (Helsinki) we are inviting any affiliates or individuals who wish to enjoin in this celebration to do so with a donation to the Young BPW Congress fund  to encourage more participation at our Congress. Please contact  for further details on how you can donate. We hope that you will join us through this request in wishing Tuulikki  a  special birthday and in so doing supporting BPW as well!

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Natela Nicoli, Woman of the Week (63)

Who is Natela Nicoli ?

Natela Nicoli a member of BPW Austria in Vienna, completed her studies in piano and voice with distinction and perfected her talent with Renata Scotto, KS Christa Ludwig, KS Ruthilde Boesch as well as Prof. Horiana Branisteanu.

For her outstanding interpretation of Bizet's Carmen, Ms. Nicoli received the prestigious OPERA AWARD in Germany in 1994.

 In 1996 she was offered Austrian citizenship due to her extraordinary artistic contributions to society.

Ms. Nicoli was invited to sing at the most extinguished theatres and opera houses worldwide, appearing at the Salzburg Festival in Les Troyens (Ivor Bolton/Sylvain Cambreling) and Zauberflöte (Christoph von Dohnanyi/Achim Freyer). She recorded a number of duets on CD ADAGIO with Edita Gruberova in Munich (Philharmonie im Gasteig) with the Bavarian Radio Orchestra. Ms. Nicoli has performed at the Vienna Musikverein, Teatro Comunale di Firenze under the baton of Fabio Luisi, the Wiener Konzerthaus with Vladimir Ashkenazy, Wiener Volksoper, and Deutsche Oper Berlin.

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Nelly Solimano, Woman of the Week (62)

Who is Nelly Solimano ?

Nowadays I am 83 years old and I am still teaching at the Law University.
In May 2010 I have organized an International Right Roman Congress in Buenos Aires city celebrating the Two Hundred Years of my country Freedom Day.
I would like also to share with all of BPWI members that I am proud of having six grand children and nine great grand children

[read in spanish]

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Jeanette Arsenault

Who is Jeanette Arsenault?

Jeanette Arsenault is a BPW member and a very proud Canadian, with deep Acadian roots. Both her parents are of French Acadian descent going back to 1604 when they were the first European settlers in North America. She sang with all her passion for her country for the Canadian Olympic Team...

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Woman of the Week (60)

Who is Laura Noble?

At the BPW Canada 2010 Convention, Laura was honored to receive the BPW Canada Leadership award.

I am currently the BPW London, Canada President as well as the BPW Ontario web Editor and BPW Canada webmaster. Previous to be being BPW London President I was the Public Relations Chair. BPW London is proud to be hosting the BPW Canada 2012 Convention and have assumed the role as Communications Coordinator/Secretary for the 2012 Committee.

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Woman of the Week (59)

Who is Nadia Dajani?

BPW Jordan member

Jewellery that Speaks of Love and Peace

Nadia Dajani’s passion for jewellery design brought rise to a distinctive style of modern-day jewellery influenced by Jordanian culture and tradition. With their distinctive handmade feel, these exclusive and unique pieces became statements as they represented traditional stories in a modern way, thereby establishing a contemporary Arab and Jordanian style in jewellery.

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Woman of the Week (57)

Who is Elisa Guerra Malta Campos?

Elisa is a BPW São Paulo Associate since 1992.

She was President of BPW São Paulo twice: 1998 and 2205/2006.

Elisa has organized the project woman as agent for Peace in 2001 which was presented in the BPW International Congress in Melbourne, October 2002.

Since then she has been working and lecturing worldwide on Education for Peace.

In 2004 she was a speaker in the CSW/United Nations, New York, in the BPW workshop “A world of Peace”.

Since 2005, Elisa is Chair of the BPW International Peace and Intercultural Understanding Taskforce.

In partnership with the Leadership and Lifelong Learning Taskforce, Elisa and Antoinette Ruegg have been giving workshops during the following BPW International events”

  • Langostura, Argentina – 2004
  • Lucerna, Switzerland – 2005
  • Santiago, Chile – 2007
  • Brasilia, Brazil – September 2007
  • Mexico City, Mexico – October 2008
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – May 2010

Since 1996, Elisa runs a Center for Peace – CEPAZ – in São Paulo, Brazil.

In 2010, as Chair of the BPW International Peace and Intercultural Understanding Taskforce, Elisa has been developing the Project “Let us build together and see what we can do”.

In September 2010, the first result was presented in Curitiba, Brazil Congress and it will also be presented in the BPW International North America Regional Congress in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.