Woman of the Week (56)

Who is Liz Flatters?

Liz Flatters is a small business owner located in Perth, Western Australia. Her business, Staying in Touch, is a boutique marketing, graphic design and website development consultancy that does everything from creating logos and branding for businesses, through to business cards and stationery, brochures, online marketing and websites.

Over the past fifteen years Liz’s business has won a number of awards including the Graphic Arts Award at the 2009 Belmont Business Awards.

Highlights of Liz’s BPW career include – being a founding member of BPW Joondalup; President BPW Joondalup 2006-2008; visiting the Sylvia Salazar Salazar Nursing School in La Paz Mexico in 2008; being one of the guest speakers and an Australian delegate at the BPW International Congress in Mexico City 2008; being awarded Woman of the Year for Western Australia 2008-2010; and attending CSW in New York 2010.

Most recently Liz won a BPW Australia national essay competition for a member to win a place at the coveted Macquarie University annual “Women, Management and Work Conference” in Sydney (3300kms/2050 miles away from Perth). While on the east coast of Australia Liz took the opportunity to also attend the BPW Oceania Sub-Regional Meeting in Wellington, New Zealand.

While her main interest in BPW is the empowerment and up-skilling of women in business, Liz has also applied her expertise to raising the profile of, and consequently donations to the La Paz Nursing School scholarships and building fund, and has this year developed a toolkit to promote the BPW Port Moresby Education Scholarships program.

Woman of the Week (55)

Who is Khadiga Eltazi?

President of BPW Club Bahry in Sudan.

Khadiga has been elected as the Deputy General Secretary of the Sudanese Businesswomen Secretariat which is the most important committee of business women in Sudan.

She is Sudanese,  married, 60 years old.

Qualifications: Home economics (Ahfad University ), Professional Diploma in Management of NGOs.

Training Courses: Project Planning, Project Management for women Entrepreneurs, and Strategic Planning in Micro finance.
Skills: Computer, Fluency in English and Arabic languages.


Owner of  Elliwa investment services Company  LTD., Eliwa Plastic Factory, and Elwaha Educational company  (from Kgs to Secondary schools for girls and boys )

Voluntary Jobs:President of BPW Bahry Club

Vice president of Pre-School Union

Chief of Executive Committee for trade and industry, Arab Women Investors- Sudan

Member of Sudanese Businessmen & Employers Federation (Agriculture Department)

Member of Council of International People, s Friendship

Member of Sudanese Women General Union
Member of Eva Voluntary Organization for maternity and childhood

In support of BPW International you may be able to provide valuable feedback as a resource to the organization in your area of expertise.

Khadiga is a  business woman who cares much about empowering women

Woman of the Week (54)

Who is Kaisu Santala?

We congratulate Kaisu Santala member of BPW Finland and of the 2011 Congress Host Planning Committee who  received a significant honor on May 29th 2010 from the French Republic  in gratitude for her  work and contribution in promoting  the French language and culture in Finland
The photo is from the French Embassy in Helsinki, where Kaisu Santala received from the French Ambassador Mme. Bourolleau the beautiful Academic Palm Tree medal of honor, established by Napoleon I, more than 200 years ago. Prior to receiving this Medal of Honor, Kaisu Santala was given the honorary title of a knight, CHEVALIER’ DANS L` ORDRE DES PALMES ACAD'ÉMIQUES.

BPW Finland can be very proud of Kaisu!  All our French speaking members will especially appreciate her support when they attend Congress in Helsinki, Finland June 17-21, 2011

BPW International is very proud to advise that this prestigious medal was also presented on June 9,2009 to our regional Coordinator from Asia Pacific Dr Young Hai Park for her work in Korea. She was featured as our woman of the week No. 9 on the website.

Woman of the Week (53)

Who is Susan Mary Ashmore?

As president of BPW UK Limited I was delighted to welcome Liz Benham, international president to our recent annual conference. This was the first time the conference had been held in Northern Ireland and signalled the arrival of peace and the cessation of fighting between Protestant and Catholic communities. I was also delighted to give Liz a copy of my book which tells the story of business and professional women in the UK over the last 50 years. I wrote it to mark the 50th birthday of my club, Morpeth which is in the North East of England, close to the Scottish border.

Is your Club/Federation keeping your historian archives for the future?

Woman of the Week (52)

Who is Nobuko Kurosaki?

Nobuko Kurosaki is the immediate past president of BPW Japan who has also served BPW in her country as:

  • 2005-2009 President
  • 2001-2004 Vice President and
  • 2002-2004 BPW International Sub-Regional Coordinator East Asia Pacific.

Nobuko is currently serving as the President of MSF Japan (MSF-Medicins Sans Frontieres – Doctors without Borders).

Nobuko has travelled the world on mission to Sri Lanka, Iraq, Indonesia, Liberia, Nigeria and Somalia serving MSF as a surgeon and has dedicated much of her career in taking care of many of the world’s people in crisis.

This is in addition to her regular full time job as surgical chief of Nagasaki National Hospital and since 2008 as surgeon and physician in Kurosaki private clinic.

To know Nobuko is to see her as a gentle, caring woman and yet she carries a very strong character.

BPW International and BPW Japan are very proud to have Nobuko as a BPW member and she is truly a great woman of the world!

Woman of the Week (51)

Who is Annette Hsiu-lien Lu?

Annette Hsiu-lien Lu is the President of BPW Taiwan.

A Federation with 6 clubs and a long standing history in BPW International.

I had the great pleasure and honor to be with President Lu on my recent visit in May to Taiwan where I experienced the warm hospitality of BPW members and her visionary leadership.

Annette Hsiu-lien Lu is a truly remarkable woman who has devoted her life to women’s issues despite many personal challenges. She is an inspiration to all BPW members by truly living “The Power to Make a Difference”

Liz Benham, International President

Lu Hsiu-lien Annette was born on June 7, 1944 in Taoyuan, Taiwan. After graduating from the National Taiwan University College of Law, she received a master’s degree in comparative law from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1971 and a master of laws degree from Harvard University in 1978. Later, she spent another 3 years at Harvard as a Research Fellow.

In the 1970s, Lu started the Feminist Movement in Taiwan, her efforts included “Pioneer Publishing House” and a “Protect You Hot-Line Service.”

In 1979, Lu delivered a 20 minute speech at the International Human Rights Day Rally in Kaohsiung City in which she criticized Taiwan’s authoritarian government. This speech led to her arrest on the charge of sedition, for which she was sentenced to 12 years in prison along with other leading freedom fighters. In 1985, after spending almost six years in prison, Lu was granted medical parole for thyroid cancer.

Upon her release, Lu did not stay quiet for long. Instead, she continued to campaign for women’s rights, democracy, and international recognition for her country. In 1993, she founded the Taiwan International Alliance to promote Taiwan’s bid for membership in the United Nations and won a seat in the Legislative Yuan, where she served as co-chair of the legislature’s Foreign Relations Committee. While in office, she continued to promote women’s rights, organizing and hosting the Global Summit of Women in 1994 and the Feminist Summit for Global Peace in 1995.

In the following years, Lu’s presence on Taiwan’s political scene grew. In 1996, then-president Lee Teng-hui appointed her national policy advisor. In 1997, she became the first female magistrate of Taoyuan County, subsequently winning reelection. On March 18, 2000, she was elected Taiwan’s tenth vice president, thus becoming the first female vice president in Taiwan’s history. She won reelection in 2004, and, during her eight years in office, made the promotion of gender equality and social justice her top priorities.

Lu’s efforts received international recognition in 2001, when she became the first woman to receive the World Peace Corps Mission’s World Peace Prize. A few years later in 2005, for the purpose to promote her advocacy of “soft power,” she founded the Democratic Pacific Union, an international organization committed to enhancing cooperation among the democratic governments of the Pacific region. BPW Taiwan Federation is her new endeavor.

Woman of the Week (49)

Who is Heidi Forbes Öste?

Heidi Forbes Öste is a social strategy consultant with 20 years working in New Media and Community Building. 

She currently advises corporations and NGOs on how to use social tools to make better use of their knowledge capital inside and outside their organizations as well as in their leadership. 

Through this work she helps define global communications strategies for major corporations, speaks at global events and reaches out to entrepreneurs in developing countries through their supporting organizations.

She lives in Sweden with her husband and two kids.

As a successful business consultant, Heidi was invited to speak about new media opportunities and presented at the Global Summit of Women, on the topic “Building Your Business Through New Media”.

We congratulate Heidi on this achievement.

Woman of the Week (48)

Who is Stella Chien?

Member BPW Taiyuan, Taiwan

Stella Chien is the founder, sole owner and CEO of White Wood House (WWH), a brand-name bakery specialized in art cake. WWH produces 30,000 cakes per day and generates an annual income of $17,000,000.

Interestingly, Stella started out as an interior designer, not a baker. She studied in the USA and received a master degree in Interior and Landscaping Design from Pennsylvania State University. For 26 years, she was a very successful interior designer. But just when everything looked rosy, a streak of misfortune ensued. First, she got cancer, not once, but twice within 3 years. Then her husband had an affair, divorced her and left her with a huge debt. For a time she was so depressed, she grabbed a pen and started to jot down her will. But as the list grew longer and longer and she still couldn’t finish it, she realized she really didn’t want to die. There is still so much to be done. She survived, paid up the debt, and started anew in a totally unfamiliar territory—bakery, in 1997.

With her talent for design, and being ever a meticulous worker and a perfectionist, her art cake soon became a success. However, misfortune struck again. In 1999, Taiwan was hit with an earthquake of 7.3 magnitude. Her factory was completely destroyed by the earthquake, which put her company at the brink of bankruptcy. She was devastated and didn’t know what to do. She decided to go to Japan for a head-cooling vacation. During the trip, she visited a pottery artist. The host offered her a piece of cake, and told her: “My friend brought this from Taiwan. It’s by a company named White Wood House. It is of superb quality.”  Realizing her effort has been recognized, she was moved to tears. On returning home, she quickly sold all her properties and reinvested in the company.

Within a short 10 years, WWH has won numerous awards, including the prestigious National Quality Award in 2008--- Since the initiation of the Award in 1990, WWH is the only food company to win this award.

Stella felt she survived for a reason—to put her talent to good use and help as many people as she could. Her future projects include day care centers and nursery homes.

Woman of the Week (47)

Who is Rita Hadjiloizou-Karatzia ?

Member BPW Cyprus

Rita Hadjiloizou-Karatzia is the Manager of Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility matters at CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority), the leading integrated electronic communications provider in Cyprus.

She studied in the USA and received a BSc degree in Business Administration with specialisation in Marketing and International Business (Magna Cum Laude Honours). During her studies she received several awards and scholarships for outstanding achievements and became member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Society (the highest honour a student in Business Administration can receive in the USA).

After completing her studies she returned to Cyprus and, before joining CYTA, she worked as Marketing Manager at an offshore Company based on the island.

She has held posts at the Personnel Department and the General Manager’s Office of CYTA for a number of years before she was assigned the responsibility to organise and head the Public Relations Department. She is now Manager of the Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility Department.

As a member of the BPW Cyprus she has been actively involved, for a number of years, in the BPW Nicosia Board and, following that, she became a member of the Cyprus BPW Board and held the position of Public Relations Secretary.

She has been, for a number of years, an active member of the Cyprus Public Relations Professionals’ Association Board and a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the Institute of Public Relations (IPR) and the European Public Relations Confederation (CERP-PRO).

Over the years she has also offered her services from the position of a member in the boards of a number of non-governmental organizations in Cyprus.

She is currently Vice President of the Advertisers’ Association of Cyprus and is actively involved in the setting up of a Self Regulating Organisation in Communications (SRO).

She was recently recognized for her individual achievements and awarded the esteemed “Professional Woman of the Year Madame Figaro Award”.

This is one of the most prestigious annual awards in the country recognizing women that have demonstrated high levels of achievement and are recognized for exceptional work in their field. A number of candidates go through a thorough selection process carried out by a 25 member committee, which selects five candidates in each category. The public then selects “The Woman of the Year” in each category through voting carried out through telephone, sms and votes.

She is married to Marios Karatzias and has two daughters Katerina and Eleni.

Woman of the Week (46)

Who is Eliane Ekra?

President BPW Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire for english text click here

Initiée par Don Karim, responsable de Wendy&Co, la 3ème édition de «La Nuit des Émeraudes» s’est tenue le 14 avril 2010 sous un chapiteau dressé dans le jardin du Golf Hôtel, Abidjan.

Il s’agissait de célébrer les femmes travailleuses, battantes qui marquent quotidiennement de leur empreint le développement durable de la Côte d’Ivoire.

« La nuit des Émeraudes » est une plate-forme de célébration de toutes les femmes qui œuvrent, au quotidien, au développement économique, culturel, sportif et artistique de la Côte d’Ivoire.

L’un des buts est aussi de valoriser le rôle de la femme dans le développement de la nation Ivoire.

D’où le thème «La femme au cœur du développement» qui soutient le logo de la manifestation.

Co- présidée par M. Sidiki Konaté ministre du Tourisme et de l’artisanat, cette édition 2010, a étét l’occasion de remettre des diplômes d’honneur aux femmes nominées, issues de tous les secteurs d’activité.

C’est ainsi que Dr Eliane Ekra, Présidente de BPW (Business and Professionnel Woman) Abidjan RCI et Déléguée Nationale de la dynamique OSCAF (Organisations de la Société Civile Africaine Francophone) a été nominée dans la catégorie vie associative et Ong. Elle a été représentée à cette cérémonie par Mlle Diabaté Fanta Présidente BPW Young Abidjan RCI. Pour cette édition, en effet, six femmes ont été choisies dans les secteurs de l’art, du privé, de l’administration publique, des coopératives, de la vie associative et Ong et dans la catégorie des sciences.

C'est avec fierté que Mme Massogbè Traoré, également membre du Club affilié BPW Abidjan- RCI a été primée comme lauréate de cérémonie dans la catégorie secteur privé .

La soirée a pris fin sur une note musicale assurée par Lokua Kanza, la star mondiale du jazz afro qui s’est fait accompagner par Santey, très connue dans le milieu de l’afro jazz.

Fanta Diabaté

Présidente BPW Young 2009-2011

Abidjan RCI

« Nuit des Emeraudes » 2010 : MERITES AU FEMININ RECONNUS

La 3ème édition de «La Nuit des Émeraudes», soirée de distinction des femmes travailleuses, battantes qui marquent quotidiennement de leur empreint le développement durable de la Côte d’Ivoire, s’est tenue le 14 avril 2010 dans les jardins du Golf Hôtel d’Abidjan.

Co- présidée par M. Sidiki Konaté ministre du Tourisme et de l’artisanat, cette édition 2010, a été l’occasion de remettre des diplômes d’honneur aux femmes nominées, issues de tous les secteurs d’activité.

Pour cette édition, en effet, six femmes ont été choisies dans les secteurs de l’art, du privé, de l’administration publique, des coopératives, de la vie associative et Ong et dans la catégorie des sciences.

C’est ainsi que Dr Eliane Ekra, Présidente du club associé BPW Abidjan Côte d’ivoire et Déléguée Nationale de la dynamique OSCAF (Organisations de la Société Civile Africaine Francophone) a été nominée dans la catégorie « Vie associative et Ong ». Et que Mme Massogbè Traoré, membre du Club associé BPW Abidjan Côte d’ivoire a été primée comme lauréate de cérémonie dans la catégorie secteur privé.

L’un des principaux buts de « La nuit des Émeraudes » est également de valoriser le rôle de la femme dans le développement de la nation Ivoire. D’où le thème retenu pour cette année : «La femme au cœur du développement».


The third edition of « LA NUIT DES EMERAUDES/EMERALDS NIGHT » was held the 14TH of April 2010 in the Hotel du Golf of Abidjan’s gardens. It was a night of distinction for the working women willing to leave their mark in the fight for a sustainable development in Côte d’Ivoire.

Co-chaired by Mr. Sidiki Konaté, Minister of tourism and handicrafts, this 2010 edition was an opportunity to reward the nominated women. Among these women from all sectors, including arts, public administration, cooperation, association, NGOs, private sector and sciences, six were selected to receive certificates of honor.

Thus, Dr. Eliane Ekra, President of BPW club associate Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire and National Delegate of the strong association OSCAF (CSOFA, Civil Society Organization of Francophone Africa), was nominated in the category «Association and NGOs». Ms Traoré Massogbè, member of the BPW club associate Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire has been awarded as well, as the winner of the ceremony in the “private sector” category.

One of the main goals of this “NUIT DES EMERAUDES/EMERALDS NIGHT” was also to enhance the role of women in the development of the Ivorian nation, hence this year’s theme: “WOMAN AT THE HEART OF DEVELOPMENT”.