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Who is Willy van Iersel?

BPW  Member NL


On the Queen's birthday in the Netherlands, Willy van Iersel received a knighthood in the order of Oranje Nassau. Willy became a member of BPW when she lived in Zambia in 1969 (BPW Ndola, Zambia, Centraal Afrika).

In Zambia she owned and managed a hairdresser shop, restaurant and art handicraft shop.

Willy has been a member of BPW NL since 1982; she founded Club Amstelland and served as chair and later treasurer of the club.

She was a member of the federation board in the ‘ 80.

She was one of the co-organisers of the Congress of BPW I in the Hague in 1987 (1200 participants). she chaired the hostess planning committee and organized the International trade fair during the Congress (Hugh event). she is a honorary member of BPW NL.

She served as treasurer of BPW International from 1987 and as chair of ad-hoc Trade and Commerce Committee (promoting trade for women from the third world); she got financial support from the Dutch Ministry of development cooperation for the fair and the work of the Committee.

She practically run the office of BPW in the UK for two years for free (1991 – 1993; USA problems started in that period and BPW had to fire staff).

She co-organized the BPW Congresses in Nagoya Japan and Venice (that both ended with a profit as a result of her fundraising).

She served as Trustee of BPW international.

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Who is Tasia Yiannara?

Member of BPW Cyprus

Tasia Yiannara Yiallourides has been in the communication field for the last 20 years and she the Managing Director of Partners Y&R, pr:partners ltd and Byte Digital Agency.

Recently she was recognized for her individual achievement in her professional field and has been awarded with the prestigious Madame Figaro Award with the prize for Business Woman of the year 2009.

The Madame Figaro Awards are one of the most prestigious annual awards organized in our country. The event receives national wide coverage (TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers) and is attended by VIPs from by all sectors of the economic, political and social spheres.

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Who is Diane I. Adou ?

Diane I. Adou is a member of BPW Young Côte d’Ivoire. Woman of principles and conviction, she was born in September 7, 1979 and is the third of a nine (9) children family. At early stages, she shows her ability as a leader in her family and her parents do not hesitate to entrust her with many responsibilities. Barely 30 years old, and she has a path of excellence both in academic and professional fields.

After obtaining her high school diploma in 1997, Diane joined the very selective business preparatory classes of the National Polytechnic Institute Houphouet-Boigny in Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire. She has been admitted to the Business School ESCAE after two (2) years of sustained effort. Five years later, she graduated in Logistics and Transports Engineering (ILT).

In 2002, as an intern in the company Aventis CropScience, a subsidiary of the agrochemical group Aventis, her supervisors quickly noticed that she was rigorous, well organized and proactive.

The reward was to be hired immediately at the end of her internship as a Purchasing Manager Import. Three years later, she obtained a promotion and served as the Demand Planner within the structure which has since become Bayer CropScience following an acquisition by the German group Bayer.

Driven by her desire to keep learning and to strengthen her managerial ability, Diane I. ADOU enrolled in a Master of Human Resources Management. This required a lot of courage and discipline to combine evening classes and professional life.

In March 2007, she had to leave the company due to the closure of the subsidiary. Her fighting spirit helps her overcoming this event. Indeed, Diane considered it as a simple transition after five years of intense professional life. She took advantage of that time by spending several months in Accra, Ghana in order to (to) practice English.

Back in Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire), she is recruited as Project Manager by a NGO called Africa Culture Development, a Global Health Partnership Incorporated’s partner, which is an U.S. organization in capacity building and local development. She brilliantly managed different projects and fundraising operations. While working for this NGO, Diane I. ADOU obtained a Certificate in Project Management awarded by the UNESCO Chair for culture of peace (Abidjan).

From February to December 2009, Diane was the assistant, in charge of Purchasing, of the Purchasing & Logistics Manager at UNIWAX Côte d'Ivoire, an industrial company.

Still motivated by enriching her intellectual, human and professional experience, she flew to the United States, where she is currently being trained in Global Business Management at the renowned University of California, Berkeley.

Besides her professional life, Diane is also passionate about entrepreneurship. She dreams about becoming a full-time business woman after some years of professional experience.

Meanwhile, she participates actively in various activities such as Alumni association of Logistics and Transport Engineers, the ‘’Service Communication Emploi’’, a structure that supports young graduates in finding their first job.

Her strengths in life: Hard working, integrity, rigor, discipline, patience, faith.

Her hobbies: Reading, music, travelling, swimming and puzzles

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Who is Jupyra Ghedini ?

Jupyra Ghedini is a member of BPW-DF, located in Brasilia, the capital of BRAZIL, since the eighties.  BPW-DF is the second club of BPW-BRAZIL and Jupyra has been on the board of directors of the club several times as secretary for two times and vice-president in this biennium. 

She is very committed to BPW, and with other women organizations of which she is also a member: Rotary Club, Soroptimist and labor organizations.

In 2007 she won the Award “Bertha Lutz PRIZE " , from the Brazilian Senate, for her work in gender affairs and empowering of women.

She also is”Comendadora da Ordem da Fraterna Integração do Emprendedor Jucelino Kubischeck”, a former president of Brazil that was known as the “Jewel of JK".

She is one of the founders of “House of Brazil" that took place in USA last November in New York and was awarded with the medal “Embassador Sergio Vieira de Mello”, at the ceremony in the United Nations, November 24th 2009.

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BPW Haiti, Members 2009

Let us keep our sisters in Haiti in our prayers and hope that they are spared from the terrible devastation.

BPW International is always very concerned about the wellbeing of our members in these cases of disaster and so we have put in place a process for our affiliates and members worldwide to provide financial support to the affected club.

I can therefore direct you to the menu box on the right side of this homepage : "Haiti - You can help!" where you will be able through PayPal to make a donation for the cause if you choose to do so.

The collected, designated funds for Haiti will be distributed to the BPW Club directly from BPW International in a timely manner.

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Who is June Ellen Kane ?


Dr June Ellen Kane, AM is a member of BPW Doutta Galla in Victoria and has just been appointed as the BPW International Alternative Representative to the United Nations, Geneva.
June is an internationally respected expert in human rights, particularly as they apply to child protection, women’s rights and labour rights. She is known for her work in the fields of child labour, sexual abuse and exploitation of children, violence against children and women, and human trafficking.

As an Independent Expert since 1996, June has worked with governments, UN agencies (particularly the International Labour Organisation and UNICEF), regional bodies and grassroots organisations on a wide range of initiatives. Her work has covered research and strategy, programme and policy planning, capacity building, evaluation and monitoring. She regularly undertakes fieldbased assignments, most recently in South Africa and the Mekong.

In 1997/8, she was based in the Gaza Strip as Special Advisor to the UN Commissioner-General, did a short stint in Nepal in 2000, and has also been based in Jordan, the US and Switzerland (Geneva). June has written more than a dozen books in the areas of child labour, human trafficking, domestic labour, sexual exploitation, honourrelated violence, family violence, school violence, on-line risk and ethnic/racist violence. She was principal author of the UN.GIFT Resource kit for policy makers and practitioners on combating child trafficking, and in 2008 developed its multi-agency training course.
June is also known for her work in communication strategy and media. As a former journalist and lecturer in broadcast journalism and media ethics, she is uniquely qualified to make links between the power of the media and the rights of people both to be protected from media excesses and empowered by its potential. She has worked on assignments with the International Federation of Journalists and a number of children’s organisations in the area ofcommunication. She was Spokesperson and Media Coordinator for the first and second World Congresses against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, and Lead Communication Officer for the UN Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children.

In a number of roles with the International Red Cross/Crescent and United Nations agencies, as well as major NGOs such as CARE, June has demonstrated significant strategic vision and senior management ability.

In 2007, June was made a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of her work. She is also a recipient of the Albert Schweitzer Medal for Humanitarian Action. June also sits on other organisations’ boards.

BPW Australia members congratulate June for the work that she does, and for her BPW International appointment.

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Who is Sandra Stella Triebl?

Member of  Club St. Gallen / Appenzell,  BPW Switzerland

Sandra Triebl is the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of Ladies Drive Magazine – a magazine focusing on Business, Cars and Lifestyle. After only two years of hard work, the family enterprise Ladies Drive received the Special Recognition Award of the European Union Women Inventors & Innovators Network for its unique editorial concept. Last October, in the presence of Finish government representatives, Sandra Triebl was honored with the Innovation Award at a ceremony in Helsinki.

«Ladies drive is an incredibly courageous and innovative platform. We are proud of the fact, that such a high-quality and ambitious product is created with so much dedication and labor of love, and that it has so many admirers. With the networking thought in mind Ladies Drive is the only medium, which collaborates with all business women's organizations in Switzerland. Within a very short period oft time, Ladies Drive has touched many minds», states Gabriella Canonica, Vice-President of Business and Professional Women International (BPW).

Sandra Triebl explains her mission and ideas behind Ladies Drive: «Take all the boxes which contain the numerous clichés and gender stereotypes and mix it all together. Why shouldn’t women be interested in mobility or men in beauty products? Who says, that women are solely into cooking, shoes and makeup or men into golf, soccer and the stock market? The world has changed. To be innovative means to think out of the box and not around stereotypes. Ask why not instead of but. »

Based on her academic background in communications and on 15 years of experience as a journalist with a focus on the automobile industry, Sandra Triebl has created a trendsetting and visionary magazine which is the first and only one of its kind. After two years, Ladies Drive is doubling the edition to 20’000 copies.

With Ladies Drive Talks and Ladies Drive Kitchen Parties Sandra Triebl developed new ways to continue to promote knowledge transfer and networking amongst women. Also, due to the support of Business Women Switzerland and other networks Ladies Drive already now is a success story.

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Who is Sonja Still?

Sonja Still, BPW Germany, Club Munich

I work as a freelance TV producer, journalist and writer. For example I work with public and private TV channels in Germany like "Bayerischer Rundfunk" (BR), Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), RTL or VOX. Besides this I produce documentations for the German-French TV Company ARTE. For instance I produced for ARTE the documentation  about "the Amethyst -  not only a precious stone." While working for this film I met Evelyn Y.K. Lee.

She is an international entrepreneur, is the CEO and Managing Partner of “The Vine Group”. The firm advises and invests in both privately held and publicly listed companies. In my research for “amethysts” I got the contact to Evelyn, because she is the advisor for a mining company listed in Frankfurt, Mayfair Mining Ltd. Evelyn opened the doors for me not only in Zambia, but also in Hongkong. There we wanted to show how the raw uncut gemstone was processed. And Evelyn organized an invitation to mainland China, to the biggest amethyst and gemstone trader on the world market, to Fai-Po.

We worked together in a good team and a very good friendship turn out! Since this time Evelyn and I have a stable and resilient connection. This is the reason why we got the chance for BPW international to have this very special networking evening in one of  New Yorks finest addresses, “The Core Club”. When Henrike von Platen, BPW Germany Vice-President, asks me to contact a business-lady for Business Women’s Exchange, I asked Evelyn and Evelyn took it in hand immediately.

But let me present what else I work for:

For german  private tv channels I work for so called "docu-soaps" like "Migrants- their new life" or "Goodbye Deutschland".

Next Sunday, 14.03.2010, 5 pm, a travel documentation which I shooted last November in India, will be transmitted in BR: "Kerala - backwaters and lovely tea gardens".

Besides working for television I write for newspapers, like "Süddeutsche Zeitung" or "Münchner Merkur", although for a high end magazine called "Landlust".

Especially for the Landlust -Magazine I do actually some research for a new series: I am looking for women with a special biography. They should live in a rural area or countryside, in Germany, Switzerland (German speaking part) or Austria. They should have special life experience and give some good advices "how to manage life simple and down to earth." For example I wrote an article about a lady who is a midwife in the fourth generation of her family. Her daughter and her granddaughter are midwifes too. So I could tell the story about a "Midwife-Dynasty" and brought good advices for my readers.

Feel free to contact me, if you will suggest a good lady!

Last year my book was published. The titel:  "Einmal zum Horizont und zurück. Reisen für die Seele" that should be translated as „Roundtrip to horizon. Journeys for and with soul". You will get it at your bookstore or www.amazon.de - Up to now there is no English edition - but feel free to bring it to the US-market

What else I do?
I give workshops on videomarketing for internet and personal websites. I help business-woman to get their own imagefilm for there website or advertisement tool, answering questions like: how to behave in front of a camera? Or what will / should be my message in my video? How can I get a professional image by video?

Last but not least: besides being busy in business I am busy with live -I really enjoy to live, to laugh and to love!

Feel free to visit my website www.sonja-still.de!

Gayle Haines

Gayle Haines large

Who is Gayle Haines?

Our newest Fellow in BPW International is Member of EPW Long Island, New York. Recognition during the EPW New York General Assembly in New York on March 5th 2010 Dr. Gayle Haines American Dream Show Guest:

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Who is Marlene Parenzan?

Mrs Marlene Parenzan

Marlene was recognised as the 2010 BPW International UN Pathfinder at this year’s BPW Claire Fulcher Dinner held at the Princeton Club of New York on March 4 where we also celebrated our 80th birthday anniversary! She has established and maintained good working practices with the UN (and its Agencies) over the years, working collaboratively with other NGOs in the best interests of BPW International, advancing our aims through the her involvement with various NGO committees and conferences and preparation of written statements/submissions on behalf of BPW International.

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