Niki Protopapa: Woman of the week (103)

Who is Niki Protopapa ?

Niki Protopapa is the founder in 2009 of the Business Professional Women Association, BPW Athens, and as of 2010 she is the president of BPW Athens, and she is protecting the rights of women in the professional field by organizing various social and cultural workshops concerning women.


Niki Protopapa was born in Katokopia Morphou, CYPRUS Island and was raised among blooming lemon trees. As a student in Pharmacy studies at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Greece, she was strongly fighting for social equality and for justice. She was passionate for knowledge and in social offers. She was distinguished and excelled in pharmacy studies.

Niki was working in her own pharmacy from 1977 until 2001, when she decided to dedicate herself into her dream, the Arts. Her artistic activity started in various schools and continued in art studios and seminars, into the technique of metal and mosaics.  She participated in various group exhibitions of mosaics and jewelry. Beginning of 2013 she will exhibit her new works personally.

In parallel, Niki Protopapa got involved in a great number of associations with cultural and social activities, such as the Greek Cypriot Cultural Association of Greece (EPOK), the Cultural Association MORFO, the Pikermi Cultural Association, the Women's Political Association, the Cultural Association of Cypriots of the Northern Suburbs and the Union of Greek Cypriots EKE.