Dragica Lukin

Who is Dragica Lukin?

Dragica Lukin, superb pastry chef, owner of the renowned pastry Villa Sosi Umag, Croatia, and considered by many the best Croatian pastry chef is member of BPW Pula, Croatia. For decades Dragica produces gourmet delights with original ideas and recipes for desserts, and confirmed by the numerous prizes for her efforts and work.

Prizes: twice  the Croatian champion pastry, a silver medal from the European Cup in Ljubljana, numerous medals from international competitions, awards, charts, decorations ...

As a mentor of Croatian culinary team she is responsible for the bronze medal Croatian pastry chefs in the world Culinary Cup held 2010. in Luxembourg. In 2012 Dragica achieved bronze for pastry medal in the 32.IKA International Exhibition of Culinary Art/Culinary Olympics 2012 in Erfurt. She is a regular guest of the popular croatian television show, in which she regularly shows her skill of preparing desserts.

Volunteer in humanitary field. Dragica commits and supports individuals , state and county institutions for the promotion of tourism, thus promoting the ancient Croatian pastries and desserts of a new era . Dragica is author of many culinary book, and professor in the Faculty of Tourism and Hotelerie in Opatija.