Lyudmila Vyacheslavovna Woman of the Week (27)

Who is Lyudmila Vyacheslavovna


Member of BPW Club Chernigov, Ukraine

The winner of National Business Rating “The leader of the branch of industry” as the leader of the branch of industry and the second in Ukraine in the basic activity.


She is the Director of JNL,

The Mission of her company:

The mission of our enterprise lies in producing cereals from a vast list of grain crops with assured high quality at a reasonable price, ensuring delivery volume flexibility on each specific market and introduction of our goods into the international markets with different purchasing capacity. An administratively-producing complex, located in Chernigov, is equipped with the necessary communications, stocks and housing rooms. It is located close to the automobile roads, has an access to railway.

Member of BPW Chernigov city League of business and professional women and has a right to receive consultations about economical and juridical questions within the project BIZPRO (USAID) and the project of support of MSP in priority regions financed by the European Union.

She is a member of the Chernigov regional association of businessmen and employers, which gives juridical consultations, shows priority directions of business development in the area and also plays the role of informative-coordinating bridge between businessmen and local-authorities. She takes part in thematic round tables, speaks with legislative initiative, and receives consultations of the specialists of department of production, storage and processing of products of plant growing of the National Agricultural University and the National University of Food Technologies.

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