Beatriz Zanella Fett

foto Beatriz Fett

Who is Beatriz Zanella Fett ?

Founder of BPW- CARMO DO PARANAIBA club Brazil, in 2001.

She also was president of BPW-BRAZIL in the triennium 2005-2008, and now is Chair of the Standing Committee of Agriculture for 2008-2011. Beatriz has always been committed with gender and has worked for women’s rights on all levels.

In her profession as a lawyer, and president of BPW-BRAZIL, she was designated by the president of BRAZIL, Luiz Inácio LULA da Silva, to engage the National Council of Women's Rights (CNDM), in a very important forum of discussions of women's affairs in the nation.

She presented the “Maria da Penha Law”, at the 51st CSW of the United Nations, in 2007. This Brazilian law is very new (2006), and very important to women in general. It is a specific penal law about “Violence against Women”. As counselor of CNDM, and president of BPW-BRAZIL, she worked to make this law known by all women in Brazil.

She is working now to make a project that can help the members of BPW that work in Agribusiness more empowered as well as in a project with the Brazilian agency SEBRAE, to help entrepreneurs women that work in small farms . These two projects will be sent to all BPW in the 5 regions, through the Regional Coordinators, as well as to the experts and members of Agriculture Committee of BPWI to make adaptations in their regions.

Beatriz was in the Brazilian delegation invited from CICESP, to go to New York for the ceremony of the foundation of the “House of Brazil”, and got the title and medal of “Ambassador of the Culture of Justice and Peace - SERGIO VIEIRA de MELLO ", at the United Nations. The ceremony took place November 24th 2009.