Benefits of Membership

Our founder saw the benefit of networking more than 80 years ago and what it could mean to our International organization and its members. Today, BPW International represents women in the economy and women, at all levels of decision making in, over one hundred countries and across five regions.


The results of a recent US survey asking members their reasons for joining BPW showed that 88 per cent joined because BPW was an International organization. We know that members believe that the world will be a better place when women are equally represented in the decision making process. This established, it is so important that we let members know that upon joining their local club they do become part of our global network of women.

What does this mean for members?

  • We are more powerful working as a team than alone.
  • We have permanent UN representation around the world that allows us to speak with one voice when big decisions are being made.
  • Consultative status at the United Nations, which BPW International has held since 1947, carries the responsibility of reporting on the activities of our Affiliates worldwide.
  • All members have the choice to participate at this level.

BPW members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Full access to Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) information
  • Accreditation to attend UN meetings at the Headquarters in New York, other offices including Vienna, Geneva and at Regional Commissions. The opportunity to work with other Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) from around the world; to participate in the decision making process and promotion of, statements and recommendations on important worldwide themes that support the empowerment of women.

BPW International triennium theme 2017-2020 is ”Empowering Women to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Our main pillars of advocacy for this triennium include:-

  1. Women on Boards
  2. Equal Pay
  3. Women Entrepreneurs Trade
  4. Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs and initiative of UN Women and UN Global Compact)
  5. Women in STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

To further underpin these initiatives, BPW International provides the framework that creates enabling environments for Affiliates through partnerships and collaborations. By thinking globally, we create opportunities for our Affiliates to think locally. This allows Affiliates worldwide to be unified in common purpose and vision.

Members can:

  • participate in forums
  • communicate with other members on our face to face pages
  • stay connected and informed on what is happening in other parts of the world through our website and social media.

Every member is encouraged to sign up to receive the monthly International e-news, which is full of the experiences, inspiration and best practices of Affiliates worldwide. BPW Members are a part of a well-respected worldwide organization that has empowered women for over eighty years.

UN Participation:

BPW members can be accredited to attend meetings at the United Nations as observers, enabling them to take back issues and policies for further lobbying in their respective countries.

Worldwide Friendship:

Members from five continents may connect with other BPW members globally through "BPW Online" digital network, "twinning" projects, conferences and International Congress.

The Recognition for Members:

BPW International website,, is a showcase for the accomplishments of BPW members, clubs and federations. BPW members may also be selected as experts in special fields or nominated for awards when opportunities arise.

Leadership Development:

BPW offers mentoring and leadership training for personal development. Young BPW members, aged 35 or younger, are also represented in BPW Executive Board at local, national and international levels.

Support for Projects:

BPW affiliates’ capacity building projects for women may be selected as "BPW International Listed Projects.""