Welcome to BPW Asia Pacific


Dear Presidents of Asia-Pacific Affiliates and Associate Clubs

I would like to thank you for electing me for a second term as your regional coordinator during the 28th International Congress in Jeju, Korea.  Last triennium saw Asia-Pacific as the fastest growing region in BPW International and with your help we can continue to lead the way.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the new Asia-Pacific Regional Committee for the triennium 2014-2017 under the new triennium theme “Making a Difference through Leadership and Action”   

In the very large regions of BPW International the elected regional coordinators often need additional support to carry out her duties in the region and subregional coordinators can be appointed to assist and support her.

Because of its geographical size Asia-Pacific has (5) subregions. The subregional coordinators are members of affiliates who have a good knowledge and understanding of BPW International and its functions and activities and are selected by the regional coordinator and formally appointed by the BPW International President. This has recently been formalised for Asia-Pacific.

Asia-Pacific has a strong membership of approximately 4,000 members spanning 30 countries across eleven time zones and for the first time in many years we have sub-regional coordinators from four of the five sub-regions and I look forward very much to working with them.

It is indeed my pleasure to be leading such a strong, committed team in this new triennium.


Finance Officer - Merrilee May (American Samoa),
Young BPW Asia-Pacific Representative-  Otoha Hayashi (Japan),
eNews Coordinator -  Joey Gan (Singapore),
Constitutional Adviser - Dr Pat Harrison (Australia),

Sub-Regional Coordinators
ASEA - Ralisa Hamzah (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Oceania - Marilyn Forsythe (Australia)
East Asia - Insil Lee (Korea)
West Asia/Arab States -Shiekha Hissah Saad Al-Sabah (Al Saliya, Kuwait)
South Asia – Mangala Karanjit (Nepal)

Over the coming months I will be asking the sub-regional coordinators to contact you to discuss your priorities and needs as BPW presidents and leaders. I am confident as a team we will work towards our triennium theme of Making a Difference through Leadership and Action.

Warmest Regards

Susan Jones

BPW Asia-Pacific Coordinator (2014-2017)