Donate Products and Services


BPW International recognizes that not all good things come in a monetary form. We welcome all kinds of contributions including but not limited to our wish list below.

  • Airline miles for travel - plane tickets to meetings and conferences.
  • Phone (sim) cards.
  • Office supplies.
  • Raffle items for conferences and other fundraising events
  • Hotel rooms to offset costs for our members from low income countries to attend conferences.
  • Printing services for the many tools including posters, event journals, press releases.
  • Photographic services including event photographs and reproductions for press releases, etc.
  • Translation services of programs and website submissions in our official languages of Spanish, French, and Italian. All others are always welcome as well.
  • Registration fees for conferences to enable members from low income countries to attend.
  • An annual subscription to the Foundation Center (a national organization that helps us find our grant monies.)

Please contact the presidents office if you wish to donate any of the items or services listed above.