Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips

n lena

Lena Madesin Phillips


1881 – 1955

Founder of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women

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Mildred Head

n m head

Mildred Head
11th IFBPW President, 
died on June 21, 1998. Aged 92


Patience Thoms

n patience-thoms-obe

Patience Thoms OBE


Past International President

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Katherine Graham Peden

n katherine-graham-pedenKatherine Graham Peden
Past National President of BPW USA
in 1961

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Helvi Sipilä

n sipil  helvi

Minister Helvi Sipilä

1915 – 2009

Honorary Member of BPW Finland, 
Woman of the Year 1965

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Margaret Pronyk

n margaret-pronykMargaret Pronyk

1942 – 2007

Past National President BPW Canada

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