The Finances of BPW International - Statement from May 2022

At the Regional Conference in Reykjavik in May, Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW International President 2021-2024, gave a statement on BPW International's finances. Here you can find the statement for download in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. 


The Finances of BPW International

BPW International Board Members of BPW Europe have proposed a Resolution regarding the finances of BPW International which they called «This Resolution is about: BPW International Finances and legal situation». 

It has to be stated: ...

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Les finances de BPW International 

Les membres du conseil d’administration de BPW International de BPW Europe ont proposé une résolution concernant les finances de BPW International ayant comme titre : « Cette résolution concerne: les finances et la situation juridique de BPW International ». 

Il faut expliquer ceci :  ...

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Le Finanze di BPW International

Alcuni membri BPW International della BPW Europe hanno proposto una Risoluzione sulle finanze di BPW International, denominata "Questa Risoluzione riguarda: Finanze e situazione legale di BPW International".

Va precisato che : 

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Die Finanzen von BPW International

BPW International Vorstandsmitglieder von BPW Europe haben eine Resolution zu den Finanzen von BPW International vorgeschlagen, mit dem Titel «Diese Resolution ist über: BPW International Finanzen und Rechtslage». 

Es muss festgestellt werden: ...

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Las finanzas de BPW International

Las miembros de la Junta Directiva de BPW International de BPW Europe han propuesto una Resolución sobre las finanzas de BPW International que llamaron «Esta Resolución se trata de: BPW International Finanzas y Situación Legal». 

Es necesario decir que:  ...

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