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Dear BPW Members,

As you are aware,  the Caribbean area and the East Coast of the USA have suffered tremendous weather impact recently with Hurricane Matthew, especially in the Republic of Haiti.  Over 1,000 deaths have been recorded so far, and people are dying with the cholera outbreak , injuries received and infections.  80% of the dwellings have suffered damage and the coastal towns are reduced to rubble.  They had winds of 145 mph (233 kph) and 45 inches (over a meter) of rain.

The BPW Port-au-Prince members are busy assisting the city of Dame Marie which has suffered tremendous damage and is the home-town of one of our members.  They also want to help the women and children in the shelters. 

I am reaching to all the Affiliate Clubs, members and Friends in the world to join us in a campaign Helping Hands for Haiti, and ask that they hold a fund raising event, and the funds collected ​be sent to BPW International, through our website, to the Haiti fund already set up for them.   Events can be a dinner, a raffle, cash donations, etc.

We need to start this campaign as soon as possible before people start helping through any agencies or sending goods directly.   We want the funds to go directly to BPW Haiti, so the members can use the money where it is most needed. 

On behalf of the members of the North America and the Caribbean Region, we thank you in advance for your efforts.

With best regards,


Bessie R. Hironimus, Coordinator


North America and the Caribbean Region

BPW International

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