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New Clubs in Affiliates:

BPW Brazil has six new Clubs, which takes the Membership to 20 clubs.
In BPW Argentina two clubs are forming.
In BPW Ecuador two Clubs are also in process.
Congratulations to BPW Brazil, BPW Argentina and BPW Ecuador!!


November 2018

CONFAM – Brazil

BPW Brazil organized the National Conference (CONFAM) with almost 300 participants from all over the country. The Regional Coordinator, Diana Barragan also attended this meeting. During their conference, all the Clubs reported about their achievements. New Clubs were welcomed to the Federation.
Photos (Above): Members of BPW Brazil;
Photo (Below): Regional Coordinator Diana Barragan with
BPW Brazil President Eunice Cruz


Affiliates also work toward BPW International goals.

BPW Santo Domingo organized a workshop for Small Businesses


26 August 2018

BPW Latin America celebrates BPW International 88th Anniversary

BPW members in various Affiliates in Latin America celebrated BPW International 88th Anniversary.

Photo (Left): BPW Brazil;
Photo (Right) : BPW Santo Domingo
Photo: BPW Mar del Plata


June 2018

Launching of Project “Quality School for Women”

BPW Tacna invited the Regional Coordinator to the official launching of the project “Quality School for Women” that took place on June 9, 2018. In the photos: Diana Barragan, Regional Coordinator, Milagros Pimentel, President of BPW Tacna and Tacna authorities.

Currently, the school has graduated two groups of women entrepreneurs.


April 2018

BPW Villa La Angostura Project, Argentina 

BPW Villa La Angostura in Argentina with the leading initiative of BPW member, Professor Arlette Neyens, has just launched the High Art Institute of Villa La Angostura known to date as "Women's Center" and which seeks to become "the first university of Villa La Angostura with social and humanistic imprint "as Arlette says. With the local support of the Provincial Council of Education and BPW International, the new center will grant official titles in eight artistic careers. Innovation lies in that students will receive some common subjects, which will allow them to learn techniques from other careers and receive the essence of art.  BPW International supports this project.


April 2018

New President of BPW Argentina

BPW Argentina has a new President, Olga Ahumada.
Congratulations to her and her new Executive


April 2018

New President for BPW Peru

BPW Tacna, Peru, has a new President, Milagros Pimentel.
Congratulations to her and her new Executive!


24 March 2018

BPW International campaigns: Equal Pay Day

BPW Argentina organized Equal Pay Day Campaign.  BPW Argentina celebrated Equal Pay Day by distributing red bags as the symbol of the red numbers in women's pockets.

Regional Coordinator



Cada una de nosotras es parte de esta maravillosa organización porque creemos que juntas somos más fuertes para lograr nuestros sueños de marcar una diferencia en nuestra comunidad a nivel local, regional e internacional. Si confiamos en las múltiples herramientas que BPW International pone a nuestra disposición, será más fácil hacerlo y también lograr nuestros objetivos como profesionales o mujeres de negocios, así como los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible, mientras ayudamos a otras mujeres a realizarlos.

Abogada Diana Barragán Medina
Coordinadora Regional América latina 2017-2020

Each one of us is a part of this wonderful organization because we believe that together we are stronger to achieve our dreams to make a difference in our community at the local, regional and international levels. If we rely on the multiple tools that BPW International has for us, it will be easier to do so and to achieve our goals as business or professional women, as well as the sustainable development goals, while helping other women to realize them.

Diana Barragan
Latin America Regional Coordinator 2017-2020

Latin America Team

Florinda Dantonio
Regional Executive Secretary

Dolores Otañez
Regional Finance Officer

Eunice Cruz
South America
Subregional Coordinator
Ana Rosa García de Alba
Central America Subregional Coordinator
Alejandra Frías
Latin America Young BPW Representative
Camila Ribeiro
Vice Regional Young BPW Representative