Dragica Lukin

Who is Dragica Lukin?

Dragica Lukin, superb pastry chef, owner of the renowned pastry Villa Sosi Umag, Croatia, and considered by many the best Croatian pastry chef is member of BPW Pula, Croatia. For decades Dragica produces gourmet delights with original ideas and recipes for desserts, and confirmed by the numerous prizes for her efforts and work.

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Paola Lizzette Acosta Campos: Woman of the Week (105)

Who is Paola Lizzette Acosta Campos ?

Lawyer Paola Lizzette Acosta Campos is member of BPW Mexico, Latín America.

Paola was born on January 25, 1980 in Mexico, City Federal District. She has a degree in law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She has served as Secretary of Collegiate Court in the Justice power of the Federation. She has a diploma in environmental law and natural resources by the autonomous technological Institute of Mexico. She has participated in various environmental legal conferences, and international meetings of environmental law in the city of Mexico, Salta, Argentina and in Asunción, Paraguay.

Currently, it has joined the cause of small and medium Mexican producers, distributing natural and artisanal products in certain regions of our rich country, in various exhibitions, flea markets and bazaars ecological, since it considers that the advantages of the consumption of these products, whose production does not require any industrial process, free from preservatives and chemicals, they are an optimal way of sustainable utilization of resources.

At the last exhibition International Trade Center in México City, in December 2012, she worked with BPW International President Freda Miriklis.

Awahou Codjo Alabi

Who is Awahou Codjo Alabi ?

Hailing from a rural environment Awahou Codjo Alabi, BPW Cotonou, is a graduate of National University of BENIN (UNB) and the International Communication Center and holds a Masters degree in English. She also holds a Higher Degree of Bilingual Secretary (DESS). She served at various times at American Cultural Center and ODIFIC, the largest commercial supermarket Super V Amelco of Cotonou.

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Niki Protopapa: Woman of the week (103)

Who is Niki Protopapa ?

Niki Protopapa is the founder in 2009 of the Business Professional Women Association, BPW Athens, and as of 2010 she is the president of BPW Athens, and she is protecting the rights of women in the professional field by organizing various social and cultural workshops concerning women.

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Barbara Yong

Who is Barbara Yong ?

Barbara Yong has been a practicing attorney for nearly 30 years.  She is a partner at the Chicago law firm of Golan & Christie LLP where she practices in the areas of bankruptcy and commercial litigation.  

Barbara has belonged to BPW since 1989.  She has held every leadership position in her LO, BPW LaGrange-Chicago, including LO President several times. 

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Nadine Zehe Roberts: Woman of the Week (101)

Who is Nadine Zehe Roberts?

Before her 17th birthday, Nadine had a clear vision of what her adult life as a woman would be: to be self-employed running her own successful business; to be in a position to be a change agent in her community – changing lives and providing opportunities for younger people. She also envisioned herself travelling all over the world with her husband, with adequate arrangements in place for their children. A dream common to most girls of that age!
Then she joined BPW in 2009. She became inspired by the women she met in the organization. The more she discovered BPW and its radiation, the surer she became that she had found the right place to develop her dream. She loves to participate in any BPW activity where her qualification could help and be further developed.

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Eva Truuverk

Who is Eva Truuverk?

She is the coordinator of “Let’s do it/World Cleanup 2012” The civic movement Let's do it! World started from a country clean-up action “Let's do it! Estonia” in 2008 when a whole country of Estonia was cleaned up from 10 000 tons of illegal waste by more than 50,000 volunteers in just 5 hours! BPW-Estonia also participated.

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Maria Elvira Salles Ferreira : Women of the Week (98)

Who is Maria Elvira Salles Ferreira ?

Maria Elvira was born  in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. She graduated in Education (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – UFMG) and in Letters and Communication (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais – PUC/MG).
She founded (in 1995) and became the International President of both Forum de Mulheres   do Mercosul and of the Brazilian Chapter of which she is presently International Relations representative. She is advisor for BPW-Rio (Business and Professional Women’s Association), international representative of BPW/Brasil.

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Adeyoyin Adedoyin Erinle

AdeyoyinWho is Adeyoyin Adedoyin Erinle?

Adeyoyin Adedoyin Erinle is from a very humble, highly disciplined but loving background. Having been born into the family of a Baptist Pastor, she had opportunity of formal, spiritual and cultural education which to God’s glory gives her a balanced upbringing.

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Margarita Molina Merlos: Woman of the Week (108)

Who is Margarita Molina Merlos?

I have 49 years old, single with a son of 25 who is studying chemical engineering and a 21 year old daughter who is studying psychology.

Working with my mother who has a popular restaurant where internationally recognized since childhood with my brothers and dad support my mother never imagined or at least I would enjoy an international reputation for representing a great pride as is a woman of struggle and tenacity that is dedicated to rescuing a kitchen that was missing (Puebla kitchen eighteenth century).

Vocational Training Diploma in Social Worker Thanatology Accompaniment Tenatológico, Logotherapy, Palliative Care, and several courses in Suicide, Area Vice Mystical Religious and Spiritual vocal Scientific Area 2009 - 2012 of the Mexican Association of Thanatology AC within which rests on the organization of international congresses and contact International class speakers, participate in the Ecumenical Group of Mexico.

 I do my volunteer work in the General Hospital where Dr. Ruben Leñero thanatological give support and assistance to patients with chronic, degenerative disease, and terminally Terminals and Family accompaniment, performed a program called Godfather which is to get someone to support crutches, wheelchairs, dialysis bags and other resources for my patients who are economically disadvantaged.

In the work I do go with many women who have suffered significant losses which lose the meaning of life and abandon, hence my taking them to work to rebuild LIFE live fully despite all they have lost, they discover the true LIFE become empowered and able to transcend his duels and every obstacle that they thought they had, in the case of mothers with children hospitalized for severe accident which almost lose their lives and are very hurt (in the case of burn patients) are empowered mother so she can give her child inner strength to succeed.

The same goes for wives, daughters, sisters, are they who form the largest family support, even when hospitalized and near death, even in this last phase are able to reassure his family.

So my job is to sustain GREAT WARRIOR empowering them to continue to transcend life or death in spite of all obstacles, achieving many perks for their achievements but above all who live PLENITID his life and place in the activities performed or change the way you see everyday problems, taking useful tools to overcome the crisis known vital being beautiful, smart, and they can do whatever they intend with the help of a Higher Power that accompanies and they are not alone and that ensures your peace, security, love, peace and comfort.