Taskforces and Projects

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A new tool of BPW International adopted at Congress in Jeju, South Korea, gives members the opportunity to volunteer at the international level as Project or Taskforce Chairs, Taskforce Members, Experts or Committed Members.


For registrations, guidelines and information please use the menu on the left hand side.

ALL REGISTRATIONS must be confirmed by the Club & Federation President to ensure transparency, information and the primacy of Clubs and Federation. For confirmation forms please use the menu on the left hand side 

BPW members have such a rich potential that an OVERFLOW could be offered to activities on the international level without disturbing or competing with activities on the local or national level. On the contrary, synergies could emerge from these new "bottom up" opportunities.

The traditional TOP DOWN structure gets complemented by a well administered BOTTOM UP concept which uses the huge potential of our members.


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All corresponding rules are in the GUIDELINES, here the general ones:

1   Subjects of Projects and Taskforces

The opportunity to work on a subject full-heartedly provides the energy for excellent performances. Applications which concern e.g. private business, a political party or a religious group will not be accepted.

2   BPW Clubs or Federations have no obligation

Clubs and Federations are without obligation to support BPW International “Member initiated Taskforces or Projects”. However, the Taskforce or Project Chair is encouraged to find tailor made ways to obtain cooperation. If a project or a taskforce would like the support of a Club or Federation e.g. to spread some information or to organize an event, the Project or Taskforce Chair has to motivate the leaders of her Club or Federation. It is a goal of the new concept to stimulate synergies between local, national and international levels and topics and encourage cooperation.

3   Finances

Taskforces and Project Chairs will serve as volunteers and receive no funding or reimbursement of expenses from BPW International. The Taskforce or Project Chair may apply for funds on behalf of BPW International but must submit the application forms to the Chair of the PILOT Team who will forward it to BPW International in order to screen for parallel actions. The Taskforce or Project Chair has to inform the PILOT Chair about any fundraising results but is allowed to use the funds for the Taskforce or Project activities. To ensure transparency the budget has to be submitted to the PILOT Team for adoption.

4   Language

The working language is English. During the PILOT phase there is no capacity to serve all official languages of BPW International. But language regions are very welcome to translate the documents and offer a person who can handle communication.

5   Registration & Guidelines

Guidelines and Registration forms for Taskforce Chairs, Taskforce Members, Pilot Chairs, Experts and Committed Members are available on the website of BPW International. The Registration accompanied by a confirmation of the Club and Federation President will be approved by the Executive Board. If a Federation or Club likes to register a Project or Taskforce they have to do it by a „liaison person“ who registers and is in charge of all communication.

6   Action Plans and Reports

For initial registration the Taskforce and Project Chair submits an Action Plan. If the Annual Report is accepted the Taskforce or Project is registered for a following year. Each Taskforce and Project Chair is liaised with a member of the PILOT Team who reads each Report, compares with the Action Plan and forwards the Reports together with a recommendation to the Executive Board.

7    International Congress and Regional Conferences

It will be very much appreciated if Taskforces and Project Chairs attend the International Congress and the Regional Conference in their Region to show their posters. Guidelines for posters please use the menu on the left hand side. The Taskforce and Project Chairs have the opportunity to submit a poster for the “Poster Gallery” at the International Congress and the Regional Conferences. The poster shows the activities and main results of a Taskforce or Project to a larger audience.

8   UN Conferences and Contacts

Many issues are also issues of UN agencies, consequently attending UN conferences can be very fruitful for the Project Chairs, Taskforce Chairs and Members, Experts and Committed Members. The PILOT Administrator will regularly inform them about conferences which may be attended by BPW members.

9   Website

All information about the “Member initiated Taskforces and Projects” and the "PILOT Concept" are available on this website

10 PILOT Team

The PILOT Concept “Member initiated Projects and Taskforces” is led by the PILOT Team which ensures communication among BPW International Executive Board, the members who offer a commitment and the Presidents of the Clubs and Federations. The PILOT Team consists of the Chair, Dr. Antoinette Rüegg, Past President BPW International, PILOT Team Members and the Administrator Elisabete Freitas, Brazil. The team submits a first evaluation of the PILOT Concept “Member initiated Projects & Taskforces” at Congress in 2017 and a final one at Congress 2020.. The PILOT Administrator, pilot.administrator@bpw-international.org, is in charge of the extensive administration and gets, as a freelancer, 6000 Euros/year as compensation. All other persons involved work voluntarily. For all information regarding the PILOT Team please contact the PILOT Team Chair pilot.infor@bpw-international.org



-   you are passionate about an issue

-   you are looking for a platform where you can show, discuss and exchange your results

-   you are retired and have time for commitments

-   you like international contacts around the globe

-   you are looking for BPW members with whom you can share your experiences

-   you like to attend UN conferences which deals with your issues



-   you hate new adventures

-   you think that Project or Taskforce Chairs need outstanding abilities

-   you do not have the courage just to try

-   you are convinced you will never be able to use Skype

-   you do not want to exchange across the boarders

-   writing reports is a Horror for you and you will not find a BPW who would do it for you