Task Force Women on Board- Report 2017-2020

Women on Board Task Force's Report by Agnès Bricard

Through Agnes BRICARD, President BPW France, these are the main achievements of this TASK FORCE:

1/ BPW France and the issue of women on board in major documentary on French TV

A popular prime time French TV show, CASH INVESTIGATION   highlighted the pioneering role of BPW regarding the lack of women on Boards and as CEO’s in large companies.

2/ BPW Paris launched a series of 20 cartoons entitled women on board:

The artist Lulu d’Ardis, supported by BPW Paris, published a series of cartoons highlighting the everyday sexism experienced by women leaders in companies with ways of dealing with these inequalities:

3/ Contribution to the distribution of guidebook on diversity in boards produced by Federation of Female managers:

Thanks to Agnès BRICARD, President BPW France, founder of   Federation of Female Managers, BPW France developed a partnership to promote advice and good practice as detailed therein.

4/ Development of strong advocacy for women on board policies within new partnership with Moroccan feminist NGO’s:

• BPW France’s Secretary, Sarah MANTAH participated in a conference hosted by Casablanca’s Business School and organized by WIMEN, a Moroccan NGO advocating for gender equality and a higher mix in the private sector.

• During lockdown, BPW France worked within this partnership culminating in a webinar with top leaders. Sarah MANTAH spoke on Rethinking society and women’s role in tomorrow’s

companies highlighting the findings and analyses of the Covid crisis and the unequal impact on the female workforce.

5/ Strong advocacy for extending Women on board current legislation to a stronger Women on Comex legislation

• For the 10 year anniversary of the Cop -Zimmerman law, BPW France developed a detailed recommendation for strengthening women CEO quotas and roles in large companies.

• BPW France’s President, Agnès BRICARD actively took part in the HCE (Haut Conseil l’Egalité) working groups, producing recommendations for the French Government.

• Contribution to the French civil society report CEDAW report : For the task force, Sarah MANTAH drafted a report including proposals for an improvement in the current law (Cop-Zimmermann). This law still ranks France in first place among other EU member states regarding women on board with more than 40% of women in large companies. Our report suggests an improvement in the law in extending its principles to COMEX and not just Boards.

6/ Participation in the international feminist civil society coalition for the Generation Equality Forum (GEF). For the upcoming GEF, BPW France is taking part in preparatory meetings and analyses, in partnership with 70 other associations belonging to the coalition, in promoting the women on board issue. Sarah MANTAH, Secretary, has been co-organizing a virtual workshop on Women and Leadership hosting high level specialist


Report 2017-2021, Workbook 2021, p. 63/64

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