24 December 2020

  • President Amany Asfour sends her Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021 message ...>>

30 September 2020

  • BPW affiliates can pay international dues online ...>>

12 September 2020

  • BPW members / BPW affiliates is called upon to help BPW Lebanon to help the victims of the explosion to earn a living and help the homeless victims through the winter. Donate now online  ...>>

29 August 2020

25 July 2020

  • Click here to view President Dr.Amany Asfour video message for the 90th Anniversary of BPW International on 26 August ...>>

16 July 2020

  • Information on Nomination of new Executives, new Standing Committee Chair, proposed resolutions, proposed constitutional amendments and proposed procedural amendments are now available on the XXX BPW International web page. Click here for more details ...>>

19 April 2020

  • The Announcement of the proposed Nominations, proposed Amendments and proposed Resolutions is postponed to 10 May 2020.