What is the bpw.directory?

BPW International Business & Services Directory

Become a visible networking point in the BPW International Business & Services Directory

bpw.directory is a networking tool that can be used with a smartphone, tablet or PC. Registration is only open to BPW members; the entry of data is free of charge.

bpw.directory makes our professional competency visible and promotes mutual exchange at international association level which is made possible by entering profession, industry and sector. 

bpw.directory also shows the wealth of competency of BPW International members to the outside world. Organisations and institutions, political bodies or the media can thus easily find competent women worldwide.

bpw.directory is not an interactive social media tool; contact is made outside the platform and exclusively by e-mail.

Stay tuned! 


With a self-selected password you have access to your registration data at any time and can change or delete it. There are only a few mandatory data, but many voluntary info fields.


In, a given field you write the e-mail address of your club president. She receives an e-mail with your name and profession and confirms the registration by clicking into the field Paying Member. With this you become a member of the bpw.directory.

Renewal, of your registration

Every 3 years, i.e. after each international congress, you will receive an e-mail from the bpw.directory administrator asking you to have your registration reconfirmed by your current club president.


Since, your e-mail address is stored, a text must be written in a predefined field when a contact request is made. You decide whether you want to reply to an e-mail or not. As a precaution, choose an email address that you can easily recognize and easily replace.


The launch of the BPW International Business & Services Directory was made possible through a donation of CHF 20,000 by Past International President Dr. Antoinette Rüegg. The donor wishes to remain anonymous. For future financing, the International Board will work out different concepts and proposals.

bpw.directory - History

Today, in our digital age, a Business & Services Directory should be an obvious tool of an international Business & Professional Women’s Organization. 


At our last virtual international Congress, due to time restrictions, a Resolution regarding the evaluation of a BPW International Business & Services Directory, submitted by Past International President Dr. Antoinette Rüegg, had to be deferred. 

A team consisting of Dr. Antoinette Rüegg, Ursula Schmid and Daniela Rigassi worked on a concept together with the International President for an international directory.


At their meeting in September 2021, the Members of the Executive Board dealt with all the proposals separately, introduced a concrete improvement with regard to data protection, and decided to bring the project to fruition with the existing financing from a donation.


A schedule was set up and a pre-test was able to be carried out by November 2021. The translation team worked on the language versions with Janice Bancroft, UK (English), Ursula Schmid, Switzerland (German), Marie Gertrude Morel, Switzerland (Français), Dr. Giuseppina Seidita, Italy (Italiano), Paz Martin Lozano, Spain (Español).


The Candle Lighting Ceremony 2022 heralds the beginning of the bpw.directory. The initial phase starting in February 2022 is considered to be another test run. Tests, evaluations, bug reports and other feedback from all BPW members who enter their profile will be received, reviewed and can be considered for final improvements up until the end of April 2022.

bpw.directory - Financing

The financing was secured by a donation of CHF 20,000 that Dr. Antoinette Rüegg was able to arrange; the donor, a woman, wishes to remain anonymous. 

The project was thus limited to the amount of CHF 20,000. The international Executive Board will put forward a proposal at the next Congress for the future financing of the bpw.directory.