BPW International Membership

BPW International Vice President Membership 2021-2024

Dr. Giuseppina Seidita, Italy

It is a great pleasure for me to serve BPW International as Vice President Membership.

For us the members are the priority and the core of the organization. Our organization was founded more than 90 years ago by Lena Madesin Phillips and draws its strength from the training of its members, its tradition of its commitment to dealing with serious issues. BPW International represents women in business and decision-making in about 100 countries and five regions.

All members have a duty to actively participate in the life of the Federation, to continuously update themselves in order to provide effective answers to the various socio-cultural problems of our society.


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Dr. Giuseppina Seidita, BPW-FIDAPA Italy

BPW International 2nd Vice President Membership 2021-2024 

Chair Standing Committee Membership 2021-2024

Chair Task Force Child Marriage Prevention 2021-2024