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Plan your visits to BPW events world wide with this Events Calendar. You can find the Google Calendar here.

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Running Calendar

Running Calendar of Events, as per 14 April 2023

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BPW International Congress

BPW International Congress, the General Assembly of BPW International, is taking place every 3 years, thus starting and endig the Triennium for the BPW International Executive. 

The next BPW International Congress will take place in 2024.

BPW International Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2023
BPW International Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2023

BPW Regional Conferences

The 5 World Regions of BPW International organize their Regional Conferences every 3 years between the BPW International Congresses. 

Read here also about the Subregion Conferences in Asia Pacific.

BPW Leaders' Summits

The BPW Leaders' Summits are held in New York, every year during the weekend before the CSW (March). Leaders' Summits are also planned at the beginning of every Regional Conference.

Young BPW Symposium

Find here the information about planned Young BPW Symposium. A Young BPW Symposium is normally integrated in the regional conferences. The Young BPW Asia-Pacific Symposium is a special event. 

National Conferences

National conferences of BPW federations are organized at different intervals. Many federations hold their general assemblies annually, but there are also intervals of 2 or 3 years between national conferences. 

Send us the information about your next national conference with this email.

Other BPW Conferences

Dates and links to other BPW Conferences, or other regional meetings like e.g. Adrionnet or Mediterranean Symposium.

Send us the information about your next BPW Conference with this email.

Partners' Conferences

Information about conferences and congresses of Partner Organizations of BPW International like Global Summit of Women.