Cristina Gorajski Visconti, BPW Representative to FAO - Videos 2021
UN News · January 24, 2022
Watch the videos concerning BPW and FAO International Year of Fruits and Vegetables

Dr. Carla Laura Petruzzelli - Task Force Chair Mentoring 2021-2024
Task Force Mentoring News · January 23, 2022
Portrait Dr. Carla Laura Petruzzelli, BPW International Constitutional Advisory Committee (CAC), BPW International Task Force Chair Mentoring 2021-2024, BPW FIDAPA Vicenza, Italy

President's Message for the Candle Lighting Ceremony 2022
President's Messages · January 19, 2022
Dear BPW Members ∙ As members of BPW, of Clubs and Federations, we are, all of us, active throughout the entire year.

Activities of BPW Argentina - on the Road to the Congress 2024
Latin America News · January 18, 2022
Photos from the meeting with the Tourism Ombudsman team on the road to 2024 and more. Report and fotos from Olga Ahumada, President BPW Argentina.

Invitation to an International Debate - BPW Women's Debate Open
President's Messages · January 16, 2022
Invitation to an International Feminist Debate with international pupils from China and all over the World ∙ Start on Januar 21, 2022 with the presentation of BPW International.

Regional Conference Europe 2022 - Registration open!
Europe News · January 10, 2022
News about BPW Europe Conference and Young Symposium 27-29 May 2022 in Iceland

Standing Committee UN - Members 2021-2024
Portraits of the Members of the Standing Committee UN 2021-2024

CSW 2022 - Online Workshop BPW Germany
Europe News · January 07, 2022
Frauenpower auf dem internationalen Parkett ∙ Online-Workshop zur CSW 2022 (in deutscher Sprache) ∙ 20. Januar 2022, 19.00h CET

BPW International 2022
President's Messages · January 06, 2022
Short Promotion Video 2022 - BPW International

✝︎ Masako Hiramatsu - BPW Japan
President's Messages · January 05, 2022
On November 30th, 2021, Masako Hiramatsu who has served as the national President 3 times and has dedicated her life to the development of BPW Japan has passed away.

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