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Regional Coordinator Anu Viks about the BPW Regional Conference Europe in Reykjavik, Iceland
Europe News · July 12, 2022
Report from the Regional Conference Europe by Anu Viks, BPW International Regional Coordinator Europe 2021-2024. Foto: BPW Iceland Organizing Team

Answer from the Office of  President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen
Europe News · July 12, 2022
Letter from the office of the President of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, in response to a letter from Anu Viks, BPW International Regional Coordinator Europe

BPW Germany an der Europäischen Konferenz in Reykjavik
Europe News · June 25, 2022
BPW Germany bei der 17ten Europäischen BPW Konferenz und dem 9ten Young BPW Symposium in Reykjavik 2022 – ein Rückblick und mehr zu Equality, Equity, Diversität und Inklusion

Spotlight Reykjavik-Conference - A Young BPW's Network
Europe News · June 17, 2022
A Young BPW Member from BPW Switzerland and her video clip about her craftswomen network.

Spotlight Reykjavik - Crosscultural Connections Between BPW Members
Europe News · June 17, 2022
Workshop in Reykjavik with Géraldine Crevat, Chair BPW International Task Force Intercontinental Mobility

Regional Conference Europe Reykjavik - Thanks
Europe News · June 17, 2022
BPW International Regional Conference Europe in Reykjavik 27-29 May 2022 President Jóhanna Kristín Tómasdóttir from BPW Reykjavik thanked everybody for their participation and the gifts. “I am so proud of my team, of BPW Iceland as a whole, and yes, myself, for having achieved this task so beautifully. […] My dear BPW sisters, thank you for making this conference a success. See you at the latest in Malta in 2025. Now all the pictures from the photo booth and the photos taken by Anna...

5th BPW Mediterranean Symposium in Nicosia, Cyprus
Europe News · May 03, 2022
Save the Date! 18-20 November 2022 - 5th BPW Mediterranean Symposium 2022 - Nicosia, Cyprus

Earth Day - The Breath of Life - FIDAPA BPW Italy, Section Roma
Europe News · April 21, 2022
This Earth Day Event "The breath of life" is organized by the Rome Section of FIDAPA BPW Italy - 22 Aprile 22, 09:00h Rome - with YouTube Video

Earth Day 22 April 2022 - Invitation to Organizing Zoom on 22.02.2022
Europe News · February 18, 2022
On 22.02.22 at 21:00 HKI time (20:00 Brussels time) we will meet in Zoom Topic: Earth Day organizing meeting Time: Feb 22, 2022 21:00 Helsinki Time Please registrate your organization representative who is keen to organize the local Earth Day

BPW Regional Conference Europe - Early-Bird Prices until Mid February
Europe News · February 11, 2022
Register Now! Early-Bird Prices Until February 15, 2022

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