Badge of Honor

Badge of Honour is one of the most prestige award given by BPW International. This award is given to a person, who in his or her community, has exhibited those attributes or achieved national recognition in improving the status of women.

Badge of Honor Awards 2021

Congratulations to the recipients of BPW International's Badge of Honor Awards 2021!

All of them lead by examples, making them role models for BPW members in their own rights.

Badge of Honour is one of BPW International’s triennium awards, typically given at Opening Ceremony of BPW international Congress. For 2021, Dr Amany Asfour, BPW International President 2017-2020, held the award ceremony virtually on 29 March 2021.

Dr. Antoinette Ruegg, Switzerland

Dr Antoinette Ruegg is BPW International Past President 2002-2005 who mentors presidents and continues to explore ways to sustainably develop BPW and overcome many of its challenges.

H.E Dr. Shiekha Hissah Saad Abdulla Alsalem Al-Sabah, Kuwait

H.E Dr.Shiekha Hissah Saad Abdulla Alsalem Al-Sabah, president of BPW Kuwait, plays significant roles in establishing BPW affiliates in countries in Arab States region. Her contribution helps bring the dream of IFBPW founder, Dr Lena Madesin Phillips into reality.

Judith Van Unen, Australia

Judith van Unen was a past president of BPW Australia 2000-2004. She is a fighter and her decades of work influences national & international policies to empower women and promote gender equality. Her high integrity is well recognized, reflecting in repeated appointments for her to serve as Election Chair for BPW International General Assemblies for several trienniums.

Yinka Ajibola, Nigeria

Yinka Ajibola is President of BPW Nigeria, the largest BPW federation in Africa. She led BPW clubs in Nigeria to continue to promote women empowerment and help women in rural area. These women empowerment efforts continue despite the pandemic. She is highly respect by BPW members in Africa region.

Past Winners

1989  Esther Hymer, USA (Honorary Life Member of IFBPW)

1991  Esther Ocloo, Ghana

         Angela Butler, Switzerland

1992  Margaret Lessing, South Africa

1993  Isabelle Claridge Taylor, USA (awarded posthumously

1996  Wu Ganmei, China

1997  Phyllis E Deakin, United Kingdom (posthumously)

1998  Nazla Dane, Canada (posthumously)

1999  Maxine Hays, USA

         Helvi Sipila, Finland

2002  Dr Livia Ricci, Italy

         The Honourable Dr Yvette Swan, Bermuda

         Pauline Gapper, New Zealand

         Ambica Shrestha, Nepal

         Professor Silvia Salazar Salazar, Mexico


2005  Dr Salima Ahmed, Pakistan

         Dr Claire Fulcher, USA

         Dr Eugenia Bono, Italy

         Lucia Ajovalasit, Italy

         Dr Vera Verzegnassi Frangipane, Italy

2008  Dr. Chansamorn Wattanvekin, Thailand

         Dr. Pat Harrison, Australia

         Joan Bielby, New Zealand

2011  Rosmarie Michel, Switzerland

         Tuulikki Juusela, Finland

2014  Dr. Chonchanok Viravan, Thailand

2017  Sylvia Perry, United Kingdom

2021  Dr. Antoinette Ruegg, Switzerland

         H.E. Sheikha Dr Hissah Saad Al-Sabah, Kuwait

         Judith Van Unen, Australia

         Yinka Ajibola, Nigeria