BPW Power to Make a Difference Awards

BPW Power to Make a Difference Awards was formerly called “Beyond 2000: Helping Women Help Themselves” awards. The original mandate was to recognize BPW projects that help women to sustain themselves in the long run. Giving out money is not allowed, but other things like offer skill training, give advise, time, opportunities, etc.

The competition name was changed in 2008 at Mexico City Congress in order to more comprehensively recognized and honor BPW International’s contribution through Leadership, Advocacy and Action. The project also allows contribution to the environment to count as “Action” that would help women.

↓ Award Categories

Power to Make a Difference Awards 2021

Excellent Leaders

Excellent Business Leader

Myrna T. Yao, Philippines

President and CEO, Richprime Global Inc, Richprime Group of Companies


Foto: Award Ceremony Video

Excellent Professional Leader

Dr. Nantarika Chansue, Thailand

Director, Veterinary Medical Aquatic Animal Research Center, Chulalongkorn University

Foto: Facebook Nantarika Chansue

Excellent Young Leader

Angelina Sookoo-Bobb, St. Kitts

Attroney-at-Law, Senior Associate Attorney at Law office of Sylvester Anthony

Foto: on gcforlife.org

Excellent Advocacy for Women

1st Place

BPW New Zealand


2nd Place

BPW Japan


3rd Place

BPW Egypt

Excellent Projects

1st Place

BPW Thailand


The Financial Discipline Creation Project

2nd Place (ex aequo)

BPW Nepal


Empowering Women for Financial Sustainability - based on 4 projects:

1. Women's Expanded Coffee Production and Marketing Project (BPW Nepal)

2. Empowering Women through Income Generation (BPW Kathmandu)

3. Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women (BPW Banepa)

4. Literacy class and skill development activities to the women in District jail, Moran (BPW Biratnagar)

2nd Place (ex aequo)

BPW Pakistan


Economic Empowerment of Women through Accelerated Implementation of SDGs

3rd Place

BPW Korea


Career Guidance for Young Women: Girls, Go Beyond Yourself! Challenge Yourself!

4th Place 

BPW South Mumbai, India


Empowering women by improving health and environment

based on 2 projects

1. Narmada project – Environmental & Cultural project at the sacred river Narmada

2. WASH project – Women’s Sanitation and Hygiene

5th Place 

BPW Burkina Faso


Fight against female Genital Mutilation

Award Categories

Power to Make a Difference ...

- Through Leadership

Award to individual BPW members whose work has significant positive impact on the world, environment, her country, her society and/or her business.

  • Excellent Business Leaders
  • Excellent Professional Leaders
  • Excellent Young Leaders

- Through Advocacy

Award to Top 3 leading BPW Affiliates that successfully lobby for legislation, national policy, lobby CEO to support Women’s Empowerment Principles, or promote endeavor to improve the status of women.

  • Excellent Advocacy for Women

- Through Action

Award to Top 5 leading BPW Affiliates which help women to help themselves during the triennium with minimum of helping at least 200 women.

  • Excellent Projects

- Special Recognition

Special Contribution to BPW to a BPW member who significantly contribute to BPW International.

Special Certificate of Recognition to BPW affiliates with past winning projects that are on-going and continue to submit report on their progress.

  • Special Contribution to BPW
  • Special Certificate of Recognition