UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women.

BPW International & UN Women

UNESCO WWAP accelerates the achievement of gender equality in the water domain. 

BPW International & UNESCO WWAP

The International Trade Centre ITC is fully dedicated to supporting the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

BPW International & ITC

UN Global Compact - Transforming business, changing the world. 

BPW International & The Global Compact

Africa Business Council - Partnership startet with Past International President Dr. Amany Asfour being elected to the Council.

IEG Italian Exhibition Group - Partnership in association with African Business Council through the exhibition Vicenzaoro since 2021.  

BPW International & IEG

The Global Summit of Women was conceived as the nexus at which all sectors would come together ...

BPW International & Global Summit of Women

Blue Sea Land - The partnership was signed in 2018 between Dr. Amany Asfour and the president of Blue Sea Land, Nino Carlino, in Mazara del Vallo.

BPW International & Blue Sea Land

IFBPW is a founding member of Women for Water WfWP and since then a voting member of the General Assembly.

BPW International & Women for Water

↗︎Project Five-O is concerned with vocational and other training for women and girls in developing countries and countries in transition. 

BPW International & Projects Five-O

Salvamento Marítimo - We have reached an agreement with the public company Salvamento Marítimo with the aim of promoting Sustainable Development Goals #5 and #10

BPW International & Salvamento Marítimo

Trasmed - Una naviera del Grupo Grimaldi - raises the flag of equal pay for men and women on all its ships together with BPW International and BPW Madrid. 

BPW International & Trasmed

Anémona Group - With the signing of this agreement, the Anemone Group are committed to collaborate on the issues of women's development and empowerment, gender equality and sustainable development. 

BPW International & Anémona Group