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New Project - BPW Istanbul's Gender-Sensitive Mentorship Program - BPW Istanbul, Turkey
Project News · June 17, 2024
Empowering Future Women Leaders: BPW Istanbul's Gender-Sensitive Mentorship Program

New Project - We Will Heal Together - BPW Istanbul, Turkey
Project News · June 17, 2024
To offer emotional and psychological support to women who have suffered trauma due to the earthquake.

New Member Project - Mara Mosca, Volunteers 4 Health Care Center in Nepal - Patrizia Negro, Italy
Project News · June 17, 2024
This project aims to share experiences as Volunteers in the Health Care Center "Mara Mosca", in the rural area of the Saptari District, south-est Nepal.

New Member Project - BPW Business Incubator - Carol Hanlon, Australia
Project News · June 17, 2024
BPW Business Incubator ‘Women in Business’ Training & Mentoring Project provides FREE assistance to support the business skills and growth potential of women in new or existing home based, micro, small businesses operating in the Perth metropolitan area and regional Western Australia.

New Member Project - On Life - The Children's University - Laura Pellicciari, Italy
Project News · June 17, 2024
“On Life” is going to be a great experiment to demonstrate on one side how the cinema field can really be green and sustainable and on the other it will be a huge promo to make a real “Children’s University” thanks to the collaboration of some no profit institutions and foundations.

New Project - Arbor Day at the Centre for the Blind - BPW Akpakpa, Benin
Project News · June 07, 2024
Raising awareness among blind students of the importance of protecting the environment and planting trees.

New Project - Construction of dormitories for a center for the blind - BPW Clubs of Benin
Project News · June 07, 2024
Construction of disability-friendly dormitories at Cotonou's learning center for the blind.

New Project - The Women of My Family Project - BPW Izmir, Turkey
Project News · June 07, 2024
This project is a collective literary project from BPW Izmir to "honor the women of our families".

New Project - World Environment Day - Hengchun White Sand Beach Cleanup - BPW Pingtung, Taiwan
Project News · June 06, 2024
Respond to environmental protection, keep trash out of ocean and do not litter.

New Project - 2024 Women's Wellness Clinic - BPW St. Kitts
Project News · April 12, 2024
Bring awareness re services offered to women by health centres in St. Kitts-Nevis. Encourage medical screening/consultations as preventative measures.

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