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New Project - Equal Pay Day Czech Republic
Project News · March 18, 2023
Equal Pay Day is a project whose main goal is to reduce gender differences in the social and working environment in the Czech Republic. Since 2010, repeated event.

New Project - Healthy Living - Kitchen Gardening using 3R
Project News · March 05, 2023
To educate the indigenous community the importance of Healthy Living by adapting 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

New Project - Promotion of alternative childcare services
Project News · March 05, 2023
About benefits of creating alternative child care services and how their lack is a barrier for integration of women in the labor field and business.

New Project - FIDAPA BPW Italy and JAItalia an educational alliance
Project News · March 05, 2023
Entrepreneurial Education - Financial Literacy - Civic Education - with a focus on gender bias

New Project - Planet OR Plastic
Project News · January 29, 2023
The project aims to inform about environmental protection, so it falls under UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 4, "Quality Education."

New Project - Digital Era Women
Project News · October 27, 2022
Educate women on how to develop and deliver digital profiles for their career and business progression

New Project - SC Agriculture "Kitchen Gardening"
Project News · October 26, 2022
Project of the BPW International SC Agriculture 2021-2024 - BPW Lebanon - The project seeks to implant and maintain a permanent Kitchen Gardening. 'Provide your own food by working the land.'

Statistics BPW Projects - September 30, 2022
Project News · September 30, 2022
Statistics as of the End of September 2022 for Club & Federation Projects and Member Projects.

New Project - 50plus Welcome
Project News · September 07, 2022
We aim to voice and promote the interests of people aged 50+ in Lithuania and to raise awareness on the related issues.

New Project - Women Stand-Up
Project News · September 06, 2022
L’autonomisation socio-économique accrue de près de 1000 femmes. Et soutien et accompagnement dans leur réinsertion sociale des femmes incarcérées.

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