BPW International Executive Finance Officer 2021-2024

Dr. Eufemia Ippolito, Italy

I thank everyone for the trust you have placed in me by voting for me. The opportunity to serve BPW as an Executive Finance Officer is a pleasure and a challenge for me.  Based on years of experience in legal and economic matters, I believe my skills will be useful to BPW International. In the performance of my role as an EFO and in drawing up each financial plan, I will respect the principles of legality, clarity, transparency and financial consolidation.  The role of the BPW Executive Finance Officer is very important for all of us members of the International Federation because it is necessary to ensure excellent management of the dues and funds that are paid.  It is necessary to verify that the accounting is always transparent by monitoring expenses and optimizing resources.  I will undertake to implement and improve existing systems in compliance with legality and accounting.  I will manage the budget effectively and efficiently taking into account the fact that quotas and funds are restricted and taking into account that there are countries that have a lot of difficulties in paying dues.  I will do my best to be in contact with all countries to help any Affiliate who needs to have a contact or connection for financial matters.  I proposed the establishment of the Financial Team, as per the Procedure Manual, to obtain opinions on financial activity. I will work with the Accountant and the Financial TIM to ensure that financial decisions comply with financial policy and quota policy.  In carrying out the role of EFO, I will act in compliance with the rules of the Procedure Manual and the Constitution. Thank you.

Dr. Eufemia Ippolito, FIDAPA-BPW Italy

BPW International Executive Finance Officer EFO 2021-2024

BPW International Chair Task Force International Legal Advice 2021-2024