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The webinars are conducted by BPW officers who hold office in the triennium 2021-2024 and are therefore familiar with the current political and administrative realities of BPW International. The webinar program is organized and reviewed by the BPW International Executive Board. 

You may attend bpw.webinars virtually live; they are recorded (except for the discussion). Later they are freely available here as YouTube videos.

bpw.webinars can be found exclusively under this label and name. 

bpw.webinars may be held, according to the decision from 2021 of the International Executive Board, by Members of the Executive Board, Chairs of BPW International Standing Committees and Task Forces; Presidents of Affiliate Federations and Affiliate Clubs are as well invited to organize bpw.webinars as are Past International Presidents after consultation with the International Executive Board.

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Financial & Dues Policies

7 September 2022

Finance & Dues Policies

Eufemia Ippolito 

BPW International Executive Finance Officer 2021-2024

Webinar in English

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> Presentation (pdf)

This webinar is intended to present BPW International's Financial policy and Dues policy. We will talk about the rules of the BPW  Constitution and BPW Procedure Manual on financial matters, on the financial structure, on the tasks of the Financial Management Team, on the tasks of the Executive Financial Director.

Les différentes fonctions de l'ONU et l'engagement de BPW auprès de l'ONU

16 June 2022

Les différentes fonctions de l'ONU et l'engagement de BPW auprès de l'ONU

Dr. Catherine Bosshart

Webinair en français 

avec Intercontinental Rencontres avec Géraldine Crevat

> Regardez la vidéo sur YouTube

Catherine Bosshart, présidente de BPW International 2021-2024, parle des relations entre BPW et l'ONU. Depuis 2011, Catherine Bosshart était la représentante principale de BPW International auprès de l'ONU à Genève, de 2017 à 2020 elle était vice-présidente ONU de BPW International.

Different functions of the UN and BPW commitment with the UN

15 June 2022

Different functions of the UN and BPW commitment with UN

Dr. Catherine Bosshart

Webinar in English

with Intercontinental Meetings with Géraldine Crevat

> Watch the video on YouTube

Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW International President 2021-2024, is speaking about the relations between BPW and the UN. Since 2011 Catherine Bosshart was BPW International Main Representative at the UN in Geneva, from 2017-2020 she was Vice President UN for BPW International.

SC Agriculture - Information - Actions - Business Ideas

2 June 2022, 21:00 h CET (UTC+2)

Standing Committee Agriculture - Information, Actions, Business Ideas

Cristina Gorajski Visconti

BPW International Chair SC Agriculture 2021-2024

Webinar in English

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This webinar is about topics related to Agriculture and Nutrition, to be collected by BPW federations interested and shared widely tackling the possible business ideas we can recognize adequately.

> Presentation Slides in EN (pdf)

> Presentation Slides in ESP (pdf)

Understanding BPW International's Constitution

28 April 2022, 16:00 h CET (UTC+2)

Understanding BPW International's Constitution

Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla, JD

BPW International Executive Secretary 2021-2024

Webinar in English with subtitles

> Watch the video on YouTube

This webinar will help to better understand the BPW International Constitution and Regulations. BPW International is a global association, registered in Geneva/Switzerland, democratically organized and based on voluntary engagement. 

BPW International Membership

29 March 2022, 16:00 h CET (UTC+2)

BPW International Membership

Dr. Giuseppina Seidita

BPW International Vice President Membership 2021-2024

Webinar in English

> Watch the video on YouTube

> Download Powerpoint Presentation in Italian 

BPW International is the largest association of women in the world. This webinar aims to promote membership in BPW, raise awareness of our goals and opportunities for members and inspire interest in our association worldwide.

CSW - What is CSW and how does it work?

28 February 2022, 16:00 h CET (UTC+1)

CSW - What is CSW and how does it work?

Dr. Catherine Bosshart

BPW International President 2021-2024

Webinar in English

> Watch the video on YouTube

Introduction on the Conference on the Status of Women which takes place every year in March in New York. This year, CSW66, will be held virtually from March 14-21, 2022. 

Video from Workshop in Germany (in DE)