President's Messages

Flooding in Emilia Romagna, Italy - 4 sections of BPW Fidapa Italy affected
President's Messages · May 31, 2023
Whole areas destroyed by the floods in Emilia Romagna in Italy - 4 affected sections of BPW Fidapa in the flooded area

Easter Greetings
President's Messages · April 08, 2023
Easter Greetings from BPW International President Dr. Catherine Bosshart

✝︎ Marlene Parenzan - BPW Austria, BPW UN Representative in Vienna
President's Messages · April 02, 2023
Obituary Marlene Parenzan, 1937-2022 - BPW Austria, BPW International UN Representative in Vienna

BPW International Help "Earthquake in Turkey & Syria"
President's Messages · February 11, 2023
BPW International Help "Earthquake in Turkey and Syria" - Thank you for your generosity.

President's Messages · January 31, 2023
New deadline for pre-registration: February 10, 2023 - New deadline to purchase the tickets: February 20, 2023

Candle Lighting Ceremony 2023
President's Messages · January 12, 2023
President's Message for the Candle Lighting Ceremony 2023

BPW International Video 2023
President's Messages · January 12, 2023
BPW International Video Version 2023

Happy and joyful new year 2023!

Trip to Latin America - Quito, Ecuador
President's Messages · December 11, 2022
"Quito was the last station of our trip. We all had a little problem catching our breath as Quito is at 2800 m above sea level." President's report and photos.

Trip to Latin America - Bogotà, Colombia
President's Messages · December 10, 2022
"As Bogotá is a fairly new Club (approved in June 2021) we wanted to pay the members a visit." President's report and photos.

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