BPW International Award About Women's Rights - Ceremony on International Women's Day 2023

1st award ceremony within the framework of the SC Membership project "Award about Women's Rights".

Business and Professional Women International AWARD

International Award to commemorate International Women's Day.


The International Federation of Business and Professional Women, the FIDAPA BPW Italy - Ferrara Club and the IIS "N. Copernico - A. Carpeggiani" School Institute of Ferrara concluded a long process in which they have worked together to transmit knowledge about the situation of women to the younger generations.

The final ceremony of the "AWARD of Business and Professional Women International" took place on 8th March in the "Scotti" classroom of the school.

The award is the result of a competition organised by the BPW International Standing Committee Membership, in collaboration with FIDAPA BPW Italy - Ferrara Section, to award a prize of 500 euros to the students who have presented the best work on the theme of women's rights during the school year 2022/2023.


The prize is the result of an international project in which Ferrara has been chosen as a pilot city to implement an initiative that aims to be replicated in other countries around the world.

The award, supported by the Municipality of Ferrara, was also intended to promote the Association, its activities and objectives to the families and teachers of the students involved.


The ceremony took place in the presence of the headmistress of the school (Alessandra Veratelli), the teachers and the classes involved, as well as representatives of local institutions - Anna Chiappini for the Province and Dorota Kusiak for the Municipality of Ferrara - and representatives of the BPW International International Standing Committee Membership (Adriana Sabato), BPW Italy (Annamaria Musacchio, Carla Laura Petruzzelli, Luisella Guarnieri).


Dr. Giuseppa Seidita

BPW International VP Membership and Chair SC Membership