BPW Business & Services Directory - Development & Evaluation

BPW Business & Services Directory

Development of a digital BPW International Business & Services Directory 


Today, in our digital age, a Business & Services Directory should be an obvious tool of an international Business & Professional Women’s Organization.

At our last virtual international Congress, due to time restriction, a Resolution regarding the evaluation of a BPW International Business & Services Directory (handed in by Past International President Dr. Antoinette Rüegg) had to be deferred. 

Nevertheless, the development of an international Directory should be started in this term and the Executive Board Members, including myself, ask Federations or Clubs for the following 4 actions to support this new endeavor:


1. Experience

The group of the Directory initiators already have a well approved classification system but nevertheless Federations and Clubs who have made good progress with their Directories should share their experiences and contact the Development & Evaluation Group chaired by Past International President, Dr. Antoinette Rüegg: directory@bpw-international.org


2. BPW Performance Records

A BPW International Business & Services Directory requires sponsors who want to see the BPW performance records at all levels of our organization. Therefore, we ask every Federation and Club to register the titles of their projects on:

> Registration 


3. Sponsoring

Members who would like to be sponsors or know potential sponsors are requested to contact the Development & Evaluation Group at: directory@bpw-international.org


4. Test Group

BPW members who would like to be members of the first Test Group Directory (in English) are requested to register online.


The Executive Board will keep you informed. Thank you for your support!


Dr. Catherine Bosshart

President BPW International