BPW International Help "Earthquake in Turkey & Syria"

Again, a catastrophic disaster strikes the human beings, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The images of destruction are horrific and do not let one rest. Our thoughts are with the people in the disaster area who survived the earthquake, but now have to live on in great hardship and severely traumatized.

BPW International has 6 clubs in Turkey and 1 club in Syria. We are helping in close cooperation with the BPW Clubs in the region, and we are in contact with the club representatives. We plan with them the help with the BPW Donations. It is still unclear how we will be able to help. However, the BPW on the ground guarantee that our help will reach where we want it to and that it will bring what is needed.

Thank you all for your generosity.

Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW International President 2021-2024