BPW International (International Federation of Business and Professional Women) - 22 Rue Rothschild, CH-1202 Geneva

Where is the address of BPW International's headquarters?


Since the decision at the 2011 Congress in Helsinki, it has been established that BPW International has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva is the city where BPW International was founded in 1930.


The address of the headquarters is:

International Federation of Business and Professional Women, 22 Rue Rothschild, CH-1202 Geneva, Switzerland


The photos show a detailed and an overview map of Geneva as well as a view of the building of our address. The office is very centrally located near the UN Geneva site. In the immediate vicinity is the Palais Wilson with the seat of the Human Rights Council and the Offices of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. 


BPW International has been able to rent a self-contained coworking space at 22 Rue Rothschild in the Centre Universitaire International. It is very practical that a desk with shelving is permanently assigned to BPW International. A meeting room can also be reserved, which is included in the rental price. Meetings are often held at the location of so many international organizations. 

The services of the Centre Universitaire International are also available to BPW International: mail and any notifications are forwarded immediately to the President's Office at the President's place of residence. 

There is a public cafeteria in the building.