X. BPW International Regional Conference Latin America


Diana Barragan, RC Latin America, at the Opening
Diana Barragan, RC Latin America, at the Opening

Elections Report

Olga Ahumada, BPW Argentina Federation President, Nomination as Regional Coordinator BPW Latin America 2024-2027/Coordinadora Regional with respect to the elections at the BPW International Congress 2024 in Mar de Plata, Argentina

Executive Committee for the Regional Coordinator 2024-2027

Claudia Pirani, BPW Brazil, Secretaria Ejecutivo Regional

Beatriz Bayazbakian, BPW Argentina, Directora Financiera Regional

Kayleigh Ahlbach, BPW Argentina, Young BPW Regional Representative/Joven Regional

Fotos: Paula Viñals, Mar del Plata, Argentina



BPW Latin America Leaders in Action

We invite you to meet in Santiago de Chile on September 6-10, 2023

X. BPW International Latin America Regional Conference

6-10 September 2023 - Santiago, Chile

BPW Latin America Leaders in Action

The Regional Congress is an event of great importance in this historical global and regional moment. Its goal is to promote the importance of business and professional women in Latin America to boost fundamental changes in the New World Order, allowing economic and social development under sustainable and environmentally-friendly public policies to preserve planet Earth and Mankind.

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