BPW International Africa Regional Conference - 25-27 August 2022 - Arusha, Tanzania


BPW Regional Conference Africa in Arusha 25th to 27th of August 2022

The Regional Conference in Arusha assembled all the presidents of the African Region, with the exception of two. The event gave all the Business Women of the Region a chance to present their work, challenges and achievements. A Representative of UN Women, the African Union highlighted their main activities and projects. 

The subsequent presidents’ meeting was very lively. Everybody was keen to contribute and set up a schedule for virtual meetings. The activities of the Regional coordinator have for a long time been hindered by COVID-19.  Everybody wanted to be active as before the pandemic. 

BPW International Leaders’ Summit at the Regional Conference of Africa

The Leaders' Summit consisted of two parts: Firstly, the International President explained the statutes, then the VP Membership explained the development of the organization and the EFO spoke about the financial policy and the policy regarding the Dues. The participants divided into groups and worked on topics such as: How to create a larger membership. 

Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW International President 2021-2024

Working Groups Flip Charts Summary by Maide Yazar

What can I get from BPW International?



Melvina English

Khadija El Tazi

Rachel Achew

Zinhle Ngiba

Hiba Abdelsalam

Tomi Odunsa Fadine


Discussion Summary

Collaborative marketing tools – products and services

Access franchises – franchise and partnership with locals

Build relationships


Access to quality leadership – this can be achieved 

  • by visiting the BPW websites;  
  • going through Directory to find a professional/business person partner as mentors and mentees; 
  • accessing success stories of members

Access to visibility

  • also provides international network connections. This can also be made possible by the Directory.
  • Input into directories – visibility through technology
  • For those in urban areas, visibility can be achieved through the local Federation head.

How to Grow Membership?



Rhoda Ashong – Nigeria
Eunice Adie – Nigeria
Eziokwu Egbuka – Nigeria
Jackie Nansubuga – Uganda
Giuseppina Seidita - Italy


Discussion Summary

  1. Each member bring one member
  2. Make flyers on projects
  3. Participate in women’s events and make presentations
  4. Partnerships with government and non-governmental agencies
  5. Use social media
  6. Collaboration with Young BPW
  7. Networking
  8. Use media
  9. Holding recruitment events


Basic qualities for good leaders



Lucyphine Kilanga
Editrudith Lukango
Beatrice Nbona Nbong
Toby Rose
Sunia Tabitha Joseph


Discussion Summary

  1. Willingness to listen
  2. Confidence with the people you lead (members)
  3. Must have clear objectives
  4. Work with transparency, accountability, flexibility
  5. Take care of themselves and others
  6. Able to control emotions
  7. Must be integrative
  8. Must be appreciative of others
  9. Willingness to serve
  10. Be discrete (very small mouth, big ears, big eyes)
  11. Invest on acquiring knowledge and skills for the organization
  12. Good communicator, networker
  13. Perseverance

Active collaboration between clubs and countries



Chularat Israngkool Na Ayutthaya (Toyting) - Thailand

Maide Yazar – Canada

Salwa Daniel – South Sudan

Anu Viks – Estonia

Mama Mongella - Tanzania

Angelina Telan – South Sudan


Discussion Summary

  1. Twinning: Business, Exchange
  2. Joint meetings: Visits, world cafe
  3. Training: Educational, leadership
  4. Mentoring
  5. Use online meetings to communicate: On-line twinnings, Business exchange, Training
  6. Common Projects: Exchange of Expertise, Cultural exchange
  7. Training: on how to use Zoom, Teams, Skype

Finances of BPW International



Fatou Cisse

Amelie Nzi Amani

Larissa Ndoumbe

Sandrine Bikai

Aurelie Sosso

Berthe Maboa

Rasnata Kabre

Raïssa Nadia D. Vodoummou


Discussion Summary

  • Gestion des financières (doit être légale et transparente)
  • Procedures manuelles (doit obtenir les règles et guides)
  • Les pays pauvres listés par les Nations Unis doivent payer 80% depuis 2005
  • Nombres minimum des members d’un Club etre 20 membres
  • Comment financer les projêts du Clubs

Lobbying / Sponsoring



Ivone Soares – Mozambique

Yinka Ajibola – Nigeria

Hibo Baetta Hassan – Djibouti

Jyotti KC – Nepal

Chesna Vwalika – Zambia

Mary Kuria - Kenya


Discussion Summary

  1. Training on writing proposal (via Zoom or Presencial)
  2. Sharing information on funding
  3. Orientation programs
  4. Harmonization of funding projects among Clubs
  5. Resource persons to apply and follow funding
  6. Available funding opportunities to be shared by the Regional and International BPW
  7. Share success stories
  8. Regular BPW Regional meetings
  9. Individual donations
  10. Fundraising


Join us in Arusha, Tanzania, for the BPW International Africa Regional Conference - 25-27 August 2022

The President of the Club Mwanza, Tanzania, Bertiller James Massawe, organizes the Conference in Hotel Gran Meliá, Arusha.  

Preceding the Conference is a Safari to the Ngorongoro Carter and the Serengeti from the 21st to the 24th of August 2022.

The conference will comprehend a Leaders’ Summit, a Young BPW Symposium and High Level Panels.