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New Affiliate Federation - BPW Burkina Faso, Africa
Membership News · October 16, 2021
BPW Federation Burkina Faso, Africa, August 2021

New Affiliate Club - BPW Kator, South Sudan
Membership News · October 09, 2021
BPW Club Kator, South Sudan, Africa, July 2021

New Affiliate Club - BPW New Juba, South Sudan
Membership News · October 03, 2021
Message for BPW NEW JUBA We are very happy to welcome BPW New Juba to BPW International. We wish you to be able to develop all your projects and to achieve together the goals of BPW, to develop the professional and business potential and leadership of your women through our programs and projects of advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building. We wish you to promote and economic empowerment of women in your country. Welcome to BPW. Dr. Giuseppina Seidita, BPW International VP Membership

Africa News · September 10, 2021
Turning Challenges To Opportunities

New Affiliate Club - BPW Hai Refrendom, South Sudan
Membership News · September 09, 2021
Dear Friends of BPW Hai Refrendom - Welcome to BPW Together we will be able to carry out many projects to help women in your country realise their desires and empower themselves. We are all very happy to welcome you into our big family.

Fiddling in Nairobi While Africa Goes Hungry
UN News · September 01, 2021
"Emperor Nero famously fiddled while Rome burned. AGRA should stop fiddling in Nairobi while more Africans go hungry. And donors should listen to African civil society leaders and say no when AGRA claims to speak for Africans and asks for millions more dollars for its failing strategy."

New Affiliate Club - BPW Cascades Development, Burkina Faso
Membership News · August 27, 2021
WELCOME TO BPW CASCADES DEVELOPMENT Welcome to the BPW. We are very happy to welcome you to the most important women's network in the world. With us you will have the opportunity to carry out many projects to help women in your country and promote their empowerment. Together we can promote social welfare and work for the rights of all women in the world.

Africa News · August 18, 2021
Financial Inclusion For Women is key to driving global economical development. There are a number of areas where financial services strengthen the floor, ladder and social support that assist women in achieving economic empowerment. So how can financial services level the playing field for women and lead to equitable impact? Join us tomorrow Thursday, 19th August 2021 at 18:30–19:30h Guest Speaker Mr Makasa Mukula, Director General of the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) The Zambia Development...

PILOT and Project News · August 18, 2021
> read more: Club & Federation Project BPW Cotonou-Benin

New Affiliate Club - BPW Nouna Kanu, Burkina Faso
Membership News · August 13, 2021
Welcome BPW Club Nouna Kanu, Burkina Faso!

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