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Report 3rd Young BPW Asia Pacific Symposium
Asia Pacific News · June 28, 2023
The report was developed by the organizing team of the Young BPW Symposium with the editorial by Dr. Catherine Bosshart.

New Affiliate Club - BPW New Brilliant, Mongolia
Membership News · May 31, 2023
BPW Club New Brilliant, Mongolia, Asia Pacific - March 2023

3rd Young BPW Asia Pacific Symposium in Taoyuan, Taiwan - Good News
Asia Pacific News · April 04, 2023
Good news for the 3rd BPW Asia Pacific Young Symposium, 21-23 April 2023 in Taoyuan, Taiwan - Check here!

Malaysia Women's Achievement 2022
Asia Pacific News · December 23, 2022
Federation BPW Malaysia - Women's Achievement 2022 - End of year event 2022, Award Winners

New Affiliate Federation - BPW Philippines, Asia Pacific
Membership News · November 30, 2022
New Federation BPW Philippines, Asia Pacific, November 2022

New Affiliate Club - BPW Jakarta, Indonesia
Membership News · October 31, 2022
BPW Club Jakarta, Indonesia, Asia Pacific - October 2022

✝︎ Dr. Patricia Harrison - BPW International President 1999-2002
President's Messages · October 17, 2022
✝︎ Dr. Patricia Harrison, BPW International President 1999-2002, departed from us on 13 October 2022.

Meeting of the Executive - Narudee Kiengsiri
Asia Pacific News · October 17, 2022
At the beginning of October 2022, the members of the Executive Board met for their face-to-face meeting in Switzerland. During 5 days, the members worked on the reports, dealt with statistics and financial accounts and regulated the further procedure in different areas. Despite the strict agenda, all of them found time to contribute on a video clip, commenting on their work, especially under the aspect of the international theme "New Actions through Cooperation".

New Affiliate Federation - BPW Myanmar, Asia Pacific
Membership News · October 12, 2022
BPW Federation Myanmar, Asia Pacific, September 2022

New Affiliate Club - BPW Yangon, Myanmar
Membership News · September 30, 2022
BPW Club Yangon, Myanmar, Asia Pacific, September 2022

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