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Meeting of the Executive - Dawne Williams
Dawne Williams, Regional Coordinator North America & the Caribbean, implements the International Theme with its regional strategy

New Project - End Period Poverty "EPP"
Project News · September 05, 2022
This project seeks to engage the entire county on the education of Period, ending the stigma of having a period and providing pads to schools.

New Project - Women Strengthening Women - BPW Ontario Canada
Project News · August 21, 2022
Capitalizing on skills, knowledge and expertise of BPW Ontario members to provide a tangible benefit of membership to new and existing members.

New Project - Feminist Response and Recovery - IDEA4 Gender Equality - BPW Canada
Project News · August 21, 2022
To advance women’s recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 through targeted systemic change to the Canadian workplace, marketplace and community.

BPW Montreal - International Meeting GREECE
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new series entitled "BPW Montreal International Meetings". This initiative will make it possible to discover a country and the issues raised by the women who come from there. Start 15 June (virtual) - 17 June (face-to-face & FB streaming)

International Women's Day - BPW Montreal
On the occasion of International Women's Day, BPW Montreal invites you to two panels under the theme "Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work - Responses and Lessons Learned, Perspectives for the Future".

New Project - Special Project for Displaced Afghan Women
Project News · October 17, 2021
This project is intended to provide displaced Afghan business and professional women with tools to regain dignity, establish themselves, and rebuild.