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Report 2023 - Membership
Membership News · January 10, 2024
Slides from the 2023 Membership Report by Dr. Giuseppina Seidita, VP Membership

BPW International Membership - Report Dr. Giuseppa Seidita
Membership News · March 18, 2023
Presentation from Dr. Giuseppa Seidita, Vice President Membership, in New York on the occasion of the Leaders' Summit, 3-4 March 2023

Report Dr. Giuseppina Seidita, VP Membership - 2021-2022
"For us, all members are the priority and the core of the organization, [...]

Membership Development - Statistics Report
Membership News · April 19, 2022
Form your own clear view of our membership situation - Membership Statistics after Year 1 of the Triennium 2021-2024

bpw.webinars - Video "BPW International Membership"
bpw.webinar News · April 18, 2022
Find here the link to the video of the webinar "BPW International Membership"

bpw.webinars - "BPW International Membership"
bpw.webinar News · March 02, 2022
Register now: BPW International Membership - 29 March 2022, 16.00h CET (UTC+2)

New BPW Affiliate Members in 2021

Join Us - About BPW Membership
Membership News · February 19, 2022
How to become a BPW Member and join our worldwide network.

9th Anniversary of the BPW Mediterranean Network
Membership News · November 12, 2021
6th Forum of the BPW Mediterranean Network and celebration of the 9th Anniversary of the BPW Mediterranean Network (with video).

President's Messages · September 12, 2021
BPW International lost on September 10, 2021 the Canadian member Jill Worobec after some months of very serious illness. Jill served as first Vice President of Membership at BPW International (2011-2014) after having been Regional Coordinator of North America and the Caribbean (2008-2011) and National President of BPW Canada (2002-2004). I got to know her during the Helsinki Congress as a graceful leader who acted also very effectively as a mediator. She had always the best of the members on...