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Visit to FIDAPA District North-East in Verona
President's Messages · May 16, 2022
Comparison of the National and the International Constitutions, followed by a Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Meeting with District Centro in Orvieto
President's Messages · May 10, 2022
Cosa significa aderire alla Federazione Internazionale BPW? With the Members of the Executive Catherine Bosshart (President), Giuseppina Seidita (VP Membership) and Eufemia Ippolito (EFO)

Earth Day in Rome
President's Messages · May 02, 2022
Report and link to the video of the livestream and photos of the speakers

FIDAPA-BPW Italy - Newsletter January 2022
Europe News · January 26, 2022
Newsletter form Presidente Nazionale Fiammetta Perrone, Brochure 2021-2023 and Poster to the national theme.

FIDAPA BPW Italy - New President, New Board
Europe News · October 29, 2021
After the business meeting with elections: New National President FIDAPA BPW Italy Fiammetta Perrone with Past National President Cettina Olivieri.