CSW67 - Parallel Event BPW International Standing Committee UN

BPW International Standing Committee UN

Monday - March 13, 2023

12:00 PM (noon) to 2:00 PM New York – virtual



Addressing the challenges of women in rural areas : Leveraging digital transformation for sustainability 



The discussion will zero in on how women can actively co-innovate and utilize agricultural techniques and

technologies that improve agricultural productivity, increase economic autonomy, and occupy leadership roles in rural life. We present experiences, best practices, testimonials from Benin to Romania, from France

to Nepal, to Turkey on rural women and their access to loans, land and technology. We will uncouple power dynamics and discriminatory societal norms, finding collectively the means to bridge the gap in order to propose entry points to accomplish deep-seated and long-lasting change.

Digital transformation and emerging technology solutions can help a gender-just sustainability journey

while creating more gender-responsive, intelligent and inclusive communities.