CSW67 - Parallel Event BPW International

BPW International

Wednesday - March 8, 2023

12:30 PM to 2:00 PM New York – In-Person CCUN Chapel & virtual



Investing in Women and Digital Technologies



Education and training must ensure that labour is equipped with the skills in the digital technologies. There must be a collective push to channel investments in women and girls, particularly in skills development that reduces gender-based sectoral and occupational segregation. Investment is urgently needed in training women in STEM.  Incentivization and collaboration with the private sector are needed to attract more women to tech jobs, and to diversify the pipeline creating these new technologies. Assessments should be made on the displacements of women in industries due to automation, AI and deep tech. 

The panel will focus on several aspects of women and digital technologies, specifically on the conditions which should be fulfilled to give women a secure work environment. Digital technologies hold many dangers beside facilitating and accelerating work. Both aspects will be discussed in this panel.