BPW International Help for Turkey - Project Container Village - with Updates

A catastrophic disaster strikes the human beings, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The images of destruction are horrific and do not let one rest. Our thoughts are with the people in the disaster area who survived the earthquake, but now have to live on in great hardship and severely traumatized.

BPW International has 6 clubs in Turkey and 1 club in Syria. BPW Club Adana is in the region of the earthquake. We are in contact with the Club representatives and working with them on the Project Container Village. Read more here and help us to realize these container houses for those directly affected in rapid emergency relief. 

Please donate to our Donations Account "BPW International Donation for Earthquake" which is open since 10 February 2023. Thank you all for your generosity.

Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW International President 2021-2024 

For donations via internet banking, please contact the President's Office.

Project Container Village

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Update 8 March 2023

Photos of Ayça from Belen from the construction site of the container village. The containers are mounted on site. Representatives of Rotary from South Korea were also on site and will be involved in the project.

Update 3 April 2023

Photos from Ayça from Belen: Rotary Turkey and Rotary South Korea are signing the cooperation agreement for Basketbol Köyü.