PILOT and Project News

New Project - Special Project for Displaced Afghan Women
PILOT and Project News · October 17, 2021
This project is intended to provide displaced Afghan business and professional women with tools to regain dignity, establish themselves, and rebuild.

New Project - Equal Pay Day Panel (Instagram Live) - BPW Istanbul, Turkey

New Project - Women and the Future of Work - Australia
PILOT and Project News · September 22, 2021
The ‘right’ policy settings will enhance the economic and financial security of women via changes in the way we work in Australia.

PILOT and Project News · August 18, 2021
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PILOT and Project News · August 15, 2021
Je vous invite au vernissage officiel de mes dernières créations: Biennale de Montreux, le jeudi 26 août 2021, 18-20hrs, à l'espace Nicolas Lavarenne, quai Jaccoud à Montreux. RSVP